Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday Week

I survived my Birthday week, the Week O' Fun or Spring Break 2017 whatever you'd like to call the debauchery of shenanigans that took place over the past week as I turned 33. Without the responsibility of another human being to keep alive, I lived it up to the fullest and crammed in so much fun, I could barely keep up with myself.
 I'm still recovering. dehydrated and detoxing, I don't bounce back like I once did.

I'm going to keep my ramblings to a minimum and unload my camera and phone from the past week in one swoop. Most of the pictures are self explanatory but I've included a few remarks and links where necessary. My phone and camera both died, a lot. Probably a good thing in hind sight.

If you have any questions about what I'm doing, wearing, eating or just plain thinking, feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I'll be sure to get you an answer.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a look into M/I Homes new Smart Series development in Westerville. If you are in the market or enjoy home buying or amazingly built homes, this post will be for you!

An igloo made out of milk cartons at Columbus's Easterseals.

Don't have tickets to Romancing the Grape yet? Buy them HERE before prices go up!

Wine & Whiskey.

Balloons that describe my true thoughts, provided by Surprise Modern Party.

Best Ladies EVER.

Delicious food at The Market Italian Village, the service was suspect. See below comment about Camelot Cellars not being assholes and contemplating telling this story in it's entirety.

I'm a firm believer in second chances though and attempts to right the wrongs have already been made.

The food was not assholes either.

Good food & great wine are never bad on your Birthday. But what really made my entire week was every single one of these beautiful women that came out and made me feel special and loved!

I'm a lucky girl!

33 and riding Unicorns. Dreams really do come true!

I'm officially a #unicornmom - yes that's a real thing, look it up.

Cannolis at Camelot Cellars.

Camelot Cellars are not assholes.

I'm contemplating telling this whole story in it's entirety in a separate post. Either way, I loved Camelot Cellars and can't wait to go back, spend more time there and drink more wine.

Tried Katalina's (shockingly) for the first time. Did not try the infamous pancake balls, everything was DIVINE and I want to eat everything on the menu included said balls, will be back ASAP!

I also got to fan girl over Angela Fortin, exciting things to come from us!

This was fun.

This Tito's martini ice-sculpture was everything

Oh So Lucky Shirt for St. Patrick's Day

Byrne's was BONKERS!

My new friend, Kyle.

Don't kiss us. We are not Irish.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Be Our Guest

We all know the age old story. An adaption of the Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's fairy tale, retold several times through out history, is back.

I got an opportunity to catch an early viewing of Disney's Beauty and the Beast before it is released in theaters this Friday March 17th and it was everything I hoped for and more. I loved every second of the film and don't think there was one moment where I found myself not grinning, tapping my toes or enthralled with the film!

The entire cast was brilliant. Similar to the Broadway portrayal, Lumiere is a refreshing focal point of the film and the Be Our Guest dinner scene will have you on your feet, cheering, clapping and singing along.

My heart literally soared the first time Emma Watson appeared on screen. Cast as the heroine of the story, Belle, Watson portrays the feisty, kind and clever girl who sees the humanity in a beast.

She slays it the entire film. Her singing was impressive and although I found myself seeing her as Hermione a few times, a comparison I'm not sure Watson will ever be able to escape, she captured Belle perfectly.

I am not a huge fan of 3D movies. In fact I usually just downright do not like or enjoy them.

I can honestly say Beauty in the Beast is the first film I have thoroughly enjoyed in IMAX 3D and would recommend to others to see it in this definition.

I've already had several fellow Mothers question whether or not the film was appropriate for the toddler aged crowd. I found myself wondering this several times through out the film, would my four-year-old enjoy this and sit through it?

The film follows the original Disney movie closely, it follows the Broadway adaption even more close as there are some added songs that do no appear in Disney's version. There are no surprise 'scary parts' that don't appear in the cartoon, so if your child knows the Disney version well and is familiar with it, there should be no surprises in this version. Overall I would not describe it as a 'dark' film and think it is suitable for ages four and up. 

My biggest battle was whether or not a movie that was not animated could keep my child's attention for that long. The run time is 1 hour and 24 minutes so it's not an exceptionally long movie.

The film was beautifully made. The special effects were brilliant and keep your imagination swirling.

Get your tickets HERE for this magical experience.

Huge thanks to Ra'nesha for inviting me to the early screening of the film. Rolling with Queen Thrifty means you get front row, reserved media seats. Make sure you check out all the great things she is doing over on her blog!

Shout out to Channel 28 FOX crew and Good Day Columbus that sat behind us in the theater.

If I have not emphasized it enough, DO NOT MISS THIS FILM!

It is worth seeing, seeing in theaters and seeing in 3D.

There was literally nothing about the entire film I did not like or could criticize. Don't make the mistake of missing this timeless fairy tale in theaters this Friday.

Now go listen to Ariana Grande and John Legend's adaption of the Beauty and the Beast duet song on full blast and fall in love all over again.

Watch the full trailer HERE.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Rockmill Brewery

I died and went to brewery heaven Saturday, when we pulled up to Rockmill Brewery despite it being a 29 degree day. I can't even imagine how giddy I would be about Rockmill if there was green grass, blooming flowers and sunshine. Can you tell we are back in the depths of winter here in Columbus? It's currently snowing and I'm so ready for spring and summer. 

Our visit to Rockmill only solidified those warm season desires.

If you are looking for a day-trip or an escape from the city and like to drink beer, this is the perfect getaway for you. I think in the warmer months I would call Rockmill kid friendly and the perfect place to enjoy a picnic. The grounds are expansive enough to run and there are more than enough corners and creeks to explore tucked behind the large pond.

Established on an old, 1800's horse farm, the family run brewery has given new life to the property.

Rockmill is a small production brewery. 

Their beers are modeled after the brews of Wallonia, Belgium. Wallonia is the French-speaking region of the country located in the rural South, along the French border.

Coincidentally the water of this region contains a minerality very similar to the water profile found in the deep well located on the farm  tucked in the hills outside of Lancaster, Ohio.

Rockmill Brewery offers no food services.

They do encourage their patrons to pack picnics and bring munchies to snack on while enjoying their ales.

If you don't feel like packing your own picnic, Rockmill recommends stopping by Katzinger's Deli in German Village for 20% off their suggested cheese pairings.

If cheese isn't what you have in mind to go with your beer, Pistacia Vera offers sweet treats that perfectly compliment it as well.

All seating in the old farmhouse is first come first serve.

Seating in the farmhouse is incredibly informal but very cool. It has an old fashioned yet modern vibe, with some tables set to accommodate large groups but there are more couches and family room like settings spread all over the house to get comfortable in.

The house comes complete with a usable kitchen and cats, that make themselves comfortable anywhere they want! 

Again if you had kids and needs a sink, microwave or other kitchen amenities for food preparation it is all accessible in the farmhouse.

We set-up shop in this little loft. You can see the group through the little window in the background that had pretty much taken ownership of a back room with a fire place for their gathering.

As much as I am craving warmer days the roaring fireplaces made the dark corners of the house even cozier.

My Favorite Beer was their Rugged Expanse.

Other honorable mentions, Le Cheval, War on Wheat & pretty much any of their Saison's.

Judy was the only employee I could identify on the property the entire time we were there.

God Bless Judy for keeping up with a demanding tap room!

She was incredibly busy slinging good beers, so I didn't want to bother her with questions, because I had a lot. So I don't have quite as many details as I usually like to share. We didn't see where they actually brew the beers, I am guessing it was somewhat shut down for winter, even though the tasting room was hopping!

I also wanted a shirt, hoodie and a sticker and I never saw any place to purchase gear so there are several reasons I must return as soon as this snow stays away for good.

Belgian inspired farmhouse ales.

There isn't a bad view any direction you turn at Rockmill.

I adored the quaint little chapel, set off in the distance.

Even though you are only 30 minutes outside of Columbus, tucked in the hills of Lancaster you feel like you are worlds away from city life.

Next to the chapel is water that disappears into the woods, just asking to be explored.

Warmer days,

Rockmill Brewery has moved closer to Columbus and opened Rockmill Tavern in downtown on Front Street. I haven't gotten a chance to try it but have heard the dining experience is divine.

Another pro tip besides being sure you visit this bad ass brewery, Rockmill Brewery is a participant of the Columbus Ale Trail. Make sure to bring your ale trail booklets to get stamped.

Connect with Rockmill Brewery

Rockmill Brewery  

5705 Lithopolis Rd NW | Lancaster, Ohio

Friday | 4-9PM
Saturday | 12-9PM
Sunday | 12-6PM