Friday, March 24, 2017

What's New with M/I Homes in Westerville

As a home buyer the experience can be a daunting one, especially if it's your first time. So many boxes to check, things to consider, qualities you are looking for but can't afford, school districts, resale value, location, there are endless pieces of a moving puzzle to put together when buying a home.

As Columbus residents we know space is limited. One of my big requirements for living in Columbus is that it must be within  I-270. Everything else is way too far! Not really but if you ask a lot of Columbus buyers what they are looking for they will often respond with, inside 270.

That shouldn't be a tough requirement to meet, but when a new home that doesn't need to be remodeled, with a yard is what you are looking for, you know the pickings are slim. Then there is price, as a 33-year-old, single Mom, more than $300,000 for a new home is outside of my price range, it's outside the price range for a lot of families.  

M/I Homes has found and developed the only piece of property within I-270 that will offer homes priced in the $200-$320 range.

Formerly the Minerva Park Golf Course, M/I Homes has worked closely with the City of Westerville to transform the property into every person's dream neighborhood. This new community will offer beautiful views, large reserve space to enjoy, walking paths, ponds and a community pool!

The quaint suburban setting offers a homey feel, accompanied with the support of one of the best school districts in Central Ohio, Westerville City school's. Residents will attend Hawthorne Elementary School, Heritage Middle School and Westerville South High School. With a new elementary school being built right down the road, within walking distance of the new neighborhood.

These new homes in Franklin County are in close proximity to St. Rt. 161 and I-270. The neighborhood is also located conveniently close to John Glenn International Airport. There are so many amenities within a short distance of Minerva Park, Easton Town Center, Blendon Woods Metro Park, Little Turtle Golf Club, up-town Westerville and so much more through out the city of Columbus.

I am going to take a closer look at the wonderful City of Westerville and why it is one of the best suburbs in Columbus next week, stay tuned!

M/I Homes will offer 250 brand new homes throughout the 26 acres of space. Where the process all begins, is the buying, negotiating and mapping of the land. Being able to see the immense possibilities of what will be dreams coming true for so many people and families is what sets M/I Homes a part from all the rest.

For more than 40 years M/I Homes has been building homes of outstanding quality and superior design and has fulfilled the dreams of nearly 100,000 home owners, with over 5,000 buyers in 2016 alone.

Since M/I Homes became the premier source for home buying, each home has been built with uncompromising quality, innovative design and enduring value in the best, most desirable locations possible. M/I Homes truly believes the more you know about the home building and buying process the more confident you'll be in your decision making.

M/I Homes stand by this promise and often walks the client through, step-by-step until they are comfortable and happy in their process. This is why M/I offers a 15-year warranty compared to the usual 10 years often offered by competitors. M/I Homes know the product they are building is high quality and will withstand the test of time. The M/I experience continues after closing, ensuring satisfaction and enjoyment in your new home. Their Customer Care and Warranty Specialists work to strengthen the important bond of trust that unites M/I with their home buyers. 

Another detail I learned while visiting Minerva Park that I found shocking, only a $5,000 deposit is due at the start of the home buying process. Nothing else is required until you close on your new home. As daunting as buying a house seems, that number makes it seem much more possible to obtain your dreams.

Another aspect M/I Homes has streamlined and tried to make as easy as possible for their home buyer is the selection process. After deciding to buy your home, M/I homes guarantees you will make it through their selection process in 21 days tops. No more, months and months to hear from your builder or know what kind of floors you will be walking on. M/I Homes walks each of their customer's through to ensure they are receiving top notch attention and advice as they decide the details of their future home.

Another quality M/I Homes offers to it's buyers as well as surrounding neighbors, they treat people right. They are the kind of neighbor you want to have.

This was very evident when we were learning about the process of buying and developing Minerva Park. M/I Homes knew they had to make some changes to the established neighborhood, and that meant some inconvenient changes for some surrounding neighbors. M/I Homes went above and beyond, putting themselves in the affected neighbors shoes and worked closely with them to ensure everybody involved was satisfied with the changes and outcome.

M/I Homes co-founder, Irving Schottenstein truly believed in, "not forgetting to treat the customer right." That is the motto M/I has built their nationally renowned business on.

Connect with M/I Homes 

I got the unique opportunity to tour an M/I model home for Minerva Park before it was furnished and the design process was complete. The M/I Homes team from Columbus invited us into the Erie Model of the newly developed Smart Series and let us look around, ask questions, take pictures and of course eat some snacks and enjoy a beer.

M/I Homes employs the best in the business to produce a product that goes through each one of these steps, closely monitored, until a home that exceeds all expectations is designed.

Buy Land àTarget Consumer àProduct Design àCost/Price Point àArchitecture àDesign/Merchandise 

One of the important points I kept hearing being mentioned over and over, that was also reassuring to know as a potential customer was, that no matter what model you choose, no quality is lost between makes or models of the different homes. Every single M/I Home can be  personally customized to fit the buyer's dreams and every model receives the same attention to detail. It doesn't matter if you purchase a house in the $200's or the $500's, each house is given the same priority.

No sacrifices are made between the different price points.

No gathering is complete without food & drink, no matter what you're gathering for.

Let's get into the guts of the Erie model from the M/I Home's Smart Series, because it is gorgeous!

Designed with an open floor plan, high ceilings, tons of natural, flooding light, and every amenity a woman could want from a home she's going to move her family into. {Can you say second floor laundry room!}

Bill McDonough, M/I Homes Chief Marketing Officer, was a wealth of knowledge and perfectly encompassed the passion instilled within the M/I Homes team.

The details, oh the details!

Welcome to my favorite room in the entire house, the off-garage, mud room.

I literally squealed when I walked in and saw the neatly lined cubbies and hooks just waiting to be filled with backpacks, coats and muddy boots.

A mud room is my dream quality in a house and not surprising M/I homes has worked to make sure they know the qualities in a house that people are coveting. They know their target audience well, their needs and wants and they deliver in the form of bright, beautifully painted, mud rooms!

You thought the 21 day selection process was thrilling. M/I Homes guarantees buyers that purchase in Minerva Park will be moved in before the end of 2017. In fact from the point you purchase your house it should take approximately six months from purchase to the day you move in.


Hard wood floors and grey walls. Speaking my love language.

Much to my astonishment this was paint and not wallpaper! #genius

Mary Cook, is an integral part of the M/I Home design process. a renowned interior designer, Mary and her team create a family for each model home to design around. Her immense talent's and creative eye speak for themselves. Just from witnessing the color choices and paint patterns within the model home, I know understand how important the staging process becomes when showing and selling a vision. 

I cannot wait to return tomorrow and see the Erie Model home fully furnished!

Do you need to see it for yourself?

TOMORROW, Saturday March 25th, 11:30 - 2:30

Bring the whole family and experience M/I Home's GRAND OPENING for the Erie Model home at Minerva Park.

5000 Fairview Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43231

Get chance to explore the Erie model home, go on a tour, see all of the amazing amenities, and enjoy lunch from Pitabilities Food Truck.


M/I Homes has become the leader in home building, not from the lack of effort and passion they show each and every customer. Sine last year, visits to M/I Homes model stores has more than doubled! They will always work to keep things convenient and effortless for their customers, not a quality you can always guarantee when home buying.

Along with the Erie model, there are four other models offered, ensuring there is something for everyone at Minerva Park.

City: Westerville, Ohio
County: Franklin
School District: Westerville          
Price Range: $209,900 - $246,900
Square Feet: 1,440 - 2,499
Home Type: Single Family

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I was compensated by M/I Homes in exchange for blog posts & social media support. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I would totally buy one of these houses!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday Week

I survived my Birthday week, the Week O' Fun or Spring Break 2017 whatever you'd like to call the debauchery of shenanigans that took place over the past week as I turned 33. Without the responsibility of another human being to keep alive, I lived it up to the fullest and crammed in so much fun, I could barely keep up with myself.
 I'm still recovering. dehydrated and detoxing, I don't bounce back like I once did.

I'm going to keep my ramblings to a minimum and unload my camera and phone from the past week in one swoop. Most of the pictures are self explanatory but I've included a few remarks and links where necessary. My phone and camera both died, a lot. Probably a good thing in hind sight.

If you have any questions about what I'm doing, wearing, eating or just plain thinking, feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I'll be sure to get you an answer.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a look into M/I Homes new Smart Series development in Westerville. If you are in the market or enjoy home buying or amazingly built homes, this post will be for you!

An igloo made out of milk cartons at Columbus's Easterseals.

Don't have tickets to Romancing the Grape yet? Buy them HERE before prices go up!

Wine & Whiskey.

Balloons that describe my true thoughts, provided by Surprise Modern Party.

Best Ladies EVER.

Delicious food at The Market Italian Village, the service was suspect. See below comment about Camelot Cellars not being assholes and contemplating telling this story in it's entirety.

I'm a firm believer in second chances though and attempts to right the wrongs have already been made.

The food was not assholes either.

Good food & great wine are never bad on your Birthday. But what really made my entire week was every single one of these beautiful women that came out and made me feel special and loved!

I'm a lucky girl!

33 and riding Unicorns. Dreams really do come true!

I'm officially a #unicornmom - yes that's a real thing, look it up.

Cannolis at Camelot Cellars.

Camelot Cellars are not assholes.

I'm contemplating telling this whole story in it's entirety in a separate post. Either way, I loved Camelot Cellars and can't wait to go back, spend more time there and drink more wine.

Tried Katalina's (shockingly) for the first time. Did not try the infamous pancake balls, everything was DIVINE and I want to eat everything on the menu included said balls, will be back ASAP!

I also got to fan girl over Angela Fortin, exciting things to come from us!

This was fun.

This Tito's martini ice-sculpture was everything

Oh So Lucky Shirt for St. Patrick's Day

Byrne's was BONKERS!

My new friend, Kyle.

Don't kiss us. We are not Irish.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Be Our Guest

We all know the age old story. An adaption of the Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's fairy tale, retold several times through out history, is back.

I got an opportunity to catch an early viewing of Disney's Beauty and the Beast before it is released in theaters this Friday March 17th and it was everything I hoped for and more. I loved every second of the film and don't think there was one moment where I found myself not grinning, tapping my toes or enthralled with the film!

The entire cast was brilliant. Similar to the Broadway portrayal, Lumiere is a refreshing focal point of the film and the Be Our Guest dinner scene will have you on your feet, cheering, clapping and singing along.

My heart literally soared the first time Emma Watson appeared on screen. Cast as the heroine of the story, Belle, Watson portrays the feisty, kind and clever girl who sees the humanity in a beast.

She slays it the entire film. Her singing was impressive and although I found myself seeing her as Hermione a few times, a comparison I'm not sure Watson will ever be able to escape, she captured Belle perfectly.

I am not a huge fan of 3D movies. In fact I usually just downright do not like or enjoy them.

I can honestly say Beauty in the Beast is the first film I have thoroughly enjoyed in IMAX 3D and would recommend to others to see it in this definition.

I've already had several fellow Mothers question whether or not the film was appropriate for the toddler aged crowd. I found myself wondering this several times through out the film, would my four-year-old enjoy this and sit through it?

The film follows the original Disney movie closely, it follows the Broadway adaption even more close as there are some added songs that do no appear in Disney's version. There are no surprise 'scary parts' that don't appear in the cartoon, so if your child knows the Disney version well and is familiar with it, there should be no surprises in this version. Overall I would not describe it as a 'dark' film and think it is suitable for ages four and up. 

My biggest battle was whether or not a movie that was not animated could keep my child's attention for that long. The run time is 1 hour and 24 minutes so it's not an exceptionally long movie.

The film was beautifully made. The special effects were brilliant and keep your imagination swirling.

Get your tickets HERE for this magical experience.

Huge thanks to Ra'nesha for inviting me to the early screening of the film. Rolling with Queen Thrifty means you get front row, reserved media seats. Make sure you check out all the great things she is doing over on her blog!

Shout out to Channel 28 FOX crew and Good Day Columbus that sat behind us in the theater.

If I have not emphasized it enough, DO NOT MISS THIS FILM!

It is worth seeing, seeing in theaters and seeing in 3D.

There was literally nothing about the entire film I did not like or could criticize. Don't make the mistake of missing this timeless fairy tale in theaters this Friday.

Now go listen to Ariana Grande and John Legend's adaption of the Beauty and the Beast duet song on full blast and fall in love all over again.

Watch the full trailer HERE.