10 Things You Don’t Know

A little behind the scenes action on yours truly!
The best part of this whole blogging gig has been meeting and getting to know other Girl Boss types. So with that in mind, here are 10 things that may help you to get to know me better…
  Both Evelyn’s Hands.
1. Evelyn is named after my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Both huge influences in my life. Her Dad’s Great Grandmother was also an Evelyn. When Evelyn was born my Great Grandmother Evelyn was still living, there were five generations from Evelyn to Evelyn! We took a picture of us all in a row from Evelyn to Evelyn and it was featured in the newspaper. I can’t wait to show her the pictures and tell her the story of where her name comes from.
2. I don’t like scary movies. None of them. I hate being scared and they scare me. I have seen very, very few actual “scary” movies. I can probably tell you an in depth story about every one I’ve seen and the impact it had on me. With that being said, my favorite TV show, that I don’t miss, watch live without recording and can’t live without, is American Horror Story. It makes a lot of sense.
3. I’m a single Mom, you know that. How I got there isn’t my favorite story but I’ve come to terms with it and have found closure. That relationship is one of my biggest failures but from it came my greatest success.
4. I love pop culture. I know more then I care to admit about who, what and why, about some of Hollywood’s elites. I watch E! News, often. I read all the gossip and my general knowledge is far too vast. We aren’t admitting our 10 best attributes here!
5. I blame my obsession with celebrities partly on my Dad’s profession. He’s a pilot. He flies for a private airline and his passengers are always the rich and famous. He has the best stories after 25+ years of flying. Have you ever heard of the six degrees of separation theory? He’s my direct connection to all these people I keep up with. I have found out a few (really, really, really dumb) things before the rest of the world because of my one degree of separation.  Even more I’ve always loved listening to my Dad tell stories of his adventures.
6. I love to pick. Mostly zits. Yours, mine, theirs, I don’t care who. My favorite to pick are acne covered backs. It literally brings me an immeasurable amount of joy to squeeze and extract. I probably missed a calling for life there somewhere.
7. When I left work at OSU I had no idea what I was going to do. It was scary But I knew I wasn’t happy and that if I kept doing what “I should be doing,” time would pass too fast and my life would be wasted doing something I wasn’t passionate about. I immersed myself in this blog and trying to maneuver those new paths, while figuring out what is was I truly wanted to do. Amazingly enough things have worked out great, as life has a funny way of doing. I just established my LLC and have my very first client for my social media marketing company. You never know where life will take you, but I am really glad I’ve stayed true to who I am.
8. Anxiety. We aren’t the best of friends.
9. I had a breast reduction at age 19. Anyone who got to witness the triple D’s in all their glory knows how monstrous they were! Huge, beyond huge and I hated them. I begged for a breast reduction starting when I was 13 and finally got my wish after my first year of college. Gained that freshman 15 and those puppies ballooned. Insurance covered the entire thing and I only regret my decision when I contemplate how I could have possibly been an internet sensation, like Kate Upton. Yup, just like Kate Upton, good thing I went with the reduction. I had 2.5 pounds of teet removed from each breast, five pounds total, so similar to a small newborn removed from my chest. My boobs are surgically enhanced to perfection now and the sheer thought of what my pepperoni nips would be after childbirth makes me shutter. Chances are if you really want to see them, I’ll show you! So just ask.
10. My little brother is gay. It’s not really a big deal unless you can’t hang with the Tranny Train and trust me, some people can’t. My Uncle, who was an important part of my life, was also gay, strong gene in our family. It has shaped who I am today immensely. I love my gays! If you haven’t heard, the whole Wernecke clan is headed to Hawaii on Friday (#keepingupwiththewerneckes). Jordan and Jeremy are getting Maui’d and are taking us all on a vacation that is sure to be beyond fabulous. I can’t wait to take you guys along on what is always at the very least, entertaining, when you are traveling with the Wernecke’s. 
5 Generations from Evelyn to Evelyn.

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