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We are slowly getting back into the swing of things over here at Basic Columbus. School is about to start, weekends are hopefully becoming less frantic as fall slowly sneaks into Ohio. Amber and I hung out last night for the first time in what feels like months and months. In true Amber and Lindsey fashion the girls were all a hot mess and you can’t really qualify what we did as an actual hang out because no alcohol was consumed but we got some pictures snapped for the blog and got a little face time so we chalked it up to a success.
There’s always Goldfish swim lessons tonight to reiterate what hot messes we are too.
Even though Amber and I have both been individually busy I managed to sneak in an evening of some much needed girl time with some other incredible women of Columbus.
A Twist on Olives hosted us for a fabulous night of Olive Oil 101 Class. This quaint, family owned and operated business offers more than 20 of the freshest extra virgin olive oils from around the world.
Located in Uptown Westerville, A Twist on Olives is the perfect spot to gather your girl gang, gossip and sip on bevvies while educating yourself on how to speak the love language of olive oil.
The Columbus Girl Gang
Georgia from Columbus Stories
Lindsey from Basic Columbus
Karaline of Simply Columbus
Jordan from MidWest_FoodFest
Elizabeth also from Columbus Stories
If you haven’t scoped out these women and what it is they do, blow your next afternoon at work doing just that. It is such an honor and privilege to surround ourselves with strong, smart, kind, kick ass women. This group of girls assembled by Megan lacked none of the aforementioned qualities. But above all else they were real and kind. It was a day that I personally needed to be around kind, no bullshit type of women and these ladies stepped up to the plate that evening. 
Our Columbus Girl Gang is STRONG, don’s mess with these chicks!
 During open hours, you are able to go in and browse their store – trying all of the different oils and vinegar’s they offer. However, we took it a step further with the class. Tuesday-Thursday, usually from 6:30-8:30, you can gather up a group of 10 friends and head to their store for a private, after-hours experience. It was fabulous.

We learned all about their story, their process, how to pair olive oils with different foods, how to truly taste the oils, what is good vs. bad, how to cook with them, and so much more! We were even able to bring our own wine in with us!
Bloggers be Bloggin!
What’s different about A Twist on Olives compared to the grocery store is their oils are first cold pressed. There is no heat or chemicals used to extract the oils. 

Oils from all over the world are rotated every six months to follow the hemisphere. They are currently featuring oils from Portugal and Spain. Whatever is in season is what you can find filling their shelves. Australia and South America begins to crush their oils in late October and shortly after you will be able to find them available right in Westerville!

Cherry Balsamic Goat Cheese Crostini.
Tasted better than it looked! SO SO SO Delicious!
I had never thought about topping some of my favorite food with balsamic glaze such as ice cream, waffles, brownies even eggs and just about anything else you can think of. But after sampling several robustly flavored glazes, I can’t imagine my ice cream without some raspberry balsamic glaze on it!
The balsamic glazes are also divine on perfectly crated cocktails.
Rosa, the owner of A Twist on Olives {Left in Picture Below} was born and raised in Italy, a truly authentic Italian with the attitude to match. A spirited store owner, Rosa is a wealth of knowledge about what goes into making an oil the best quality.
Fearing boredom in retirement, Rosa now fills her days sharing her Italian heritage wisdom with anyone who is lucky enough to walk through her door.
Bloggers have been here. 
{That’s my beer while all the other ladies sipped on vino. Paul Hoffman koozie game strong.}
20 S. State St. | Suite K  | Westerville, OH 43081


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