A Weekend Full of Cotton Candy

Please excuse all of the poor quality, cellphone pictures. My camera is out of commission and sometimes the cellphone is just easier for these weekend recap pictures.
Or we are just lazy.
The Wright Family was all over the place this weekend and looked good while doing it!
How adorbs are they in their color-coordinated outfits?
The whole family rocked a wedding Saturday, in Dover, Ohio at Breitenbach Wine Cellars.
Sunday brought the real celebration, Eliza’s 3rd Birthday. 
The Wright’s started their day at Kneuss Family Farms in New Philadelphia, Ohio for pumpkin patch fun.
Then the real birthday surprise, tickets to see Disney Live!
Want to see two little girls lose their mind’s? Tell them they are going to see all of their favorite Disney Princesses. Cue the squeals.
The first Cotton Candy Queen of the weekend goes to Eliza who got her first taste of cotton candy on her 3rd Birthday while taking in all of her Disney dreams!
Happy 3rd Birthday to this special little girl!
We love you Eliza!
Our weekend started out with a first time for Evelyn as well, it was her first trip to the Circus. The Ringling Brother’s and Barnum and Bailey’s, Out of This World Tour truly proved to be the greatest show on earth for this little girl.
True to Evelyn form as we were walking past all of the animal protesters, she cluelessly turned and excitedly yelled, “I’M GOING TO SEE THE LIONS!!!!!”
It’s not that I even disagree with what they are protesting and their reason’s for being there. I actually totally agree and was happy to see the Circus stop using the Elephants in their show’s.
Never mind Evelyn and I were decked out in leopard print. What can we say? We love lions!
The Circus has evolved into a completely different type of show these days, far different than the Circus I saw as a little girl. Much more similar to a Cirque De Soleil show, featuring ice skating dancers, a light show that rivals any Phish show and the usual daredevil and death deifying acts still make for a very entertaining evening.
As much as I disagree with how the animals are probably treated and how these amazing creatures are not made to perform and live a life trapped in a cage; I enjoyed every second of watching my daughter’s eyes light up and every, “cool, did you see that Mama,” that I heard.
We indulged in all your typical Circus things. Popcorn, nachos, cotton candy and a beer for Mom.
The second Cotton Candy Queen of the weekend goes to Evelyn who got her first taste of cotton candy while taking in the Circus. 
She ate the entire bag so fast, I was actually impressed.
Her expression pretty much stayed like this the entire Circus. Between the sensory overload, the sugar high and the animals I thought she might pass out from pure joy!
I really did think those lions and tigers were going to revolt and eat the shit out of him.
I was rooting for them!
This hat came with her cotton candy and she never took it off the rest of the show.
I therefore didn’t stop laughing the rest of the show.
If she was not squealing with glee you could see how close attention she paying, taking in every last detail of her first Circus.
Sunday morning we were up early to get down to the start/finish line of the Columbus Marathon.
Being the farthest thing from a “runner” as it gets, I had never actually been a part of a Marathon. I was surprised by how much inspiration I drew from watching over 18,000 dedicated runners put all of their training efforts to the ultimate test. Their physical abilities and mental drive truly astonished me over and over as I watched them cross the finish line.
The title beneficiary of the marathon is what makes this event truly special. Nationwide Children’s Hospital has received more than $4.5 million from proceeds from the marathon.
Each mile of the race is dedicated to a different Patient Champion, a child fighting their own fight at Children’s. Many of the Patient Champions are on sight with family and friends cheering on the runners, providing high-fives and inspiration.
I can’t imagine how much strength the runners get from seeing exactly who they are running for and being able to high-five them as they push forward.
Shout out to one of my best friend’s and Mama-to-be, Wall! She ran the full marathon today with running partner Jack, in her belly. Yup, she ran it pregnant and not just a little bit preggers!
I was truly inspired but not enough to run 26.2 miles. 13.1 miles is not happening either.
I ended the weekend by filling the house with delicious smells from one of my favorite go-to meals, a crock-pot, pot roast.
It was bomb!
And now I’m full and going to sleep as I watch my Fantasy Football score climb higher and higher.
That’s right, another Sunday another Fantasy victory for this girl. Eat your heart out boys, I rule.
Lot’s of good stuff coming up this week, stay tuned!

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