Becky with the Good Hair

 I have to tell you guys I am a bargain shopper and I got it all from my Mama; who honestly does all my shopping for me. I seriously have the best Mom who is also the best shopper. For example, she saw this dress at Macy’s, knew I had to have it, waited for it to go on super sale, then used a ton of coupons and bought what was originally a dress priced over $90, she paid less then $15 for it! She’s a wizard I tell ya.
Hair Flip.
So when she gifted me this Rachel Roy dress for my 32nd Birthday I was just chomping at the bit for spring and the perfect occasion to wear it!
Turns out Basic Columbus has been invited to a couple fancy events and it gives me the perfect opportunity to rock this navy and gold number.
Let’s chat about Becky shall we? Ew. I’m not sure if you’ve heard all that is Beyonce’s new album Lemonade and the references to ‘Becky with the good hair.’ And then Rachel Roy inserted herself into the drama by instagraming a pic of herself and referring to herself as Becky. I mean come on, can you not! Well there are rumors that Rachel Roy is the Becky who Jay-Z supposedly cheated on Beyonce with, remember the elevator scandal last year where Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z while Beyonce stood in the middle? 
Well our point is if Rachel Roy is Becky we don’t support homewreckers and we are 100% Team Queen B!
Rachel if you’re Becky we will burn this dress! 
Now that we’ve cemented our allegiance to Beyonce – Amber and I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday! We hope to see many of you tomorrow at the No Child Wet Behind Event!

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