Birthday Week

I survived my Birthday week, the Week O’ Fun or Spring Break 2017 whatever you’d like to call the debauchery of shenanigans that took place over the past week as I turned 33. Without the responsibility of another human being to keep alive, I lived it up to the fullest and crammed in so much fun, I could barely keep up with myself.

 I’m still recovering. dehydrated and detoxing, I don’t bounce back like I once did.
I’m going to keep my ramblings to a minimum and unload my camera and phone from the past week in one swoop. Most of the pictures are self explanatory but I’ve included a few remarks and links where necessary. My phone and camera both died, a lot. Probably a good thing in hind sight.
If you have any questions about what I’m doing, wearing, eating or just plain thinking, feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get you an answer.
Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a look into M/I Homes new Smart Series development in Westerville. If you are in the market or enjoy home buying or amazingly built homes, this post will be for you!
An igloo made out of milk cartons at Columbus’s Easterseals.
Don’t have tickets to Romancing the Grape yet? Buy them HERE before prices go up!
Wine & Whiskey.
Best Ladies EVER.
Delicious food at The Market Italian Village, the service was suspect. See below comment about Camelot Cellars not being assholes and contemplating telling this story in it’s entirety.
I’m a firm believer in second chances though and attempts to right the wrongs have already been made.

The food was not assholes either.
Good food & great wine are never bad on your Birthday. But what really made my entire week was every single one of these beautiful women that came out and made me feel special and loved!
I’m a lucky girl!
33 and riding Unicorns. Dreams really do come true!
I’m officially a #unicornmom – yes that’s a real thing, look it up.
Cannolis at Camelot Cellars.
Camelot Cellars are not assholes.
I’m contemplating telling this whole story in it’s entirety in a separate post. Either way, I loved Camelot Cellars and can’t wait to go back, spend more time there and drink more wine.
Tried Katalina’s (shockingly) for the first time. Did not try the infamous pancake balls, everything was DIVINE and I want to eat everything on the menu included said balls, will be back ASAP!
I also got to fan girl over Angela Fortin, exciting things to come from us!
This was fun.
This Tito’s martini ice-sculpture was everything
Oh So Lucky Shirt for St. Patrick’s Day
Byrne’s was BONKERS!
My new friend, Kyle.
Don’t kiss us. We are not Irish.

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