Blind Blog Double Date

Try saying that three times fast!
Strange right, a blind blog double date? I didn’t think it was strange at all and that’s what I assured my manfriend as it was happening. And then two minutes before it all went down I kind of panicked and worried that it would be weird and awkward and what had we turned our nice Saturday night out into!?
My manfriend, [Zach] and I had headed downtown to peruse Columbus’s Moonlight Market on Gay Street that occurs the second Saturday of every month. Similar to Gallery Hop in the Short North, vendors come out and set up shop, there is live music, good deals and great local atmosphere. We stopped to get drinks and dinner at Tip Top Kitchen and Bar when Megan from EatPlayCbus Blog who I had been communicating with over social media hit up the old cell piece. I assured her they were not crashing our party, to come meet us and we would hit some Columbus hot spots together, all in the name of blogging! Fool proof and what could possibly go wrong?
Thank goodness they were cool! We had such a fun night getting to know Megan and her husband Steve. Columbus being the small place it is, we put together all of the similar friends we have in common over drinks at Tip Top and then moved to the much hyped Balboa in Grandview.

The Tip Top nachos were BOMB! And I consider myself a nacho connoisseur.

Side note: Shout out to Donald at Tip Tip who has nothing to do with Donald Trump. His real name is actually Donald and I know this because I asked him, like an asshole. Anyways when we walked into Tip Tip it was slammmmmmed and I was trying to figure out how to get a table, which I figured at 8:00 on a Friday during Moonlight Market it was going to be at least 30 minutes. We were both starving and starting to get grumpy. Maybe Donald saw it on my face or maybe he just knows VIP when he sees it but my man got us a table with the quickness. I’m talking less then five minutes. So Donald thank you for being awesome, Tip Top should give you a raise!
Prancing around the streets of Moonlight Market with my Blogger Spirit Animal.
At Balboa, Megan and I sealed our fate as spirit animal blogging besties when we discovered and took full advantage of the self proclaimed #balboaselfiewall. I mean seriously when someone you hardly know runs out of the bathroom, yanks you off your stool and rushes you back into the bathroom and you don’t even think twice, it was clearly meant to be.
We didn’t eat at Balboa only sipped some cocktails, which were all delicious. I tried everybody’s, clearly because I am a blogger now and we do things like that. Obnoxiously try your drink because duh it has to be done for the blog. If I ask my manfriend to take one more picture, I might be photographing my break up! I’m kidding, I hope… You’re the best honey! Anyway, I am sure that manfriend of mine is dying to take me back to Balboa to try the food, maybe on a day when the temperature is above 30 degrees. Get it together Ohio.
I really cannot wait for the next rendezvous with Megan! Not only was she a Columbus and blog expert she was GORGEOUS in person, so sweet, funny and fun to drink with. All requirements met to go ahead and move forward with the second date, we will probably be going steady by the end of the summer. The best part about our little blind date was that our significant others seemed to hit it off in the bromance department big time! So maybe they’ll be going steady, stay tuned!
The Selfie Wall at Balboa Grandview – It’s a great time to be alive, folks! When there are tiny rooms outside bathrooms, with a full wall mirror, devoted to selfies, God Bless America!!!!
Tequila makes the heart grow fonder – or all her clothes come off! Win, win!

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