Buckeye Vodka at De Novo

One thing you will never hear me complain about it, is being a blogger. It is a lot of work, and sometimes it is thankless work until you are in the blogging big leagues but there are also some serious perks that come with being an Influencer especially in Columbus.

A big requirement of bloggers is eating and drinking all the food and sometimes alcohol. I know, poor us. Restaurants are so kind and graciously open their doors to us influencer types, stuffing us with their delicious food and not judging us as we awkwardly photograph it like it’s a Sports Illustrated Model, before anyone is allowed to touch it. Stick your fingers in a blogger’s perfect shot and suffer the wrath! The hope is we share, spread the word and share some more about all of the food and drink or whatever we are doing on all of our channels with our thousands of followers.

I have begun calling this, the “Blogger Bump.” Anytime we are invited into a place to learn, eat, drink, enjoy etc., almost always some type complimentary service. In turn we flood the social media channels doing the things we do. And it works! The “Blogger Bump” is real and extremely effective.

I got a true Sunday Funday experience last week at De Novo on the Park with Buckeye Vodka. They taught us how to make three delicious drinks, all using Buckeye Vodka while stuffing us with tasty eats from the De Novo kitchen.

I learned so much from the extremely talented and knowledgeable bartender. I can’t wait to mix up my own Buckeye Vodka gimlet, my favorite of the three drinks we made. He did admit that when he was first tasked with coming in and making blogger girls drinks on a Sunday he was pretty much all, man WTF, not looking forward to it. By the end of our afternoon he stated he actually had a pretty good time teaching us how to properly shake a drink. I loved his honesty and am also glad he didn’t hate every second with us!

I have raved about our city time and time again and I am going to keep doing it. Not because I like fluffing Columbus, I do, and not because I only have positive things to say, we all know that’s not true. It’s not bullshit either, I’m not just raving about Columbus so people will hopefully read my blog and view me in an upbeat manner, I genuinely love it here. Watching the city grow and evolve over 33 years, I am just so impressed at the ways the city stays current, meets the needs of it’s residents while still maintaining good old Midwest character.

The way Columbus supports and embraces technology, social media and especially all the hustlers trying to kick start their dreams is surely special. I’ve spoken with other bloggers from across the country who have commented on what appears to be a legitimate Columbus camaraderie among our blogging scene. Part of that is because our blogging community is made up of kick ass people but also because Columbus supports our scene and continues to make our job of supplying creative content easy as well as allowing us to be apart of some pretty incredible functions. Columbus is not alone in beginning to recognize the marketing powers bloggers have, which makes it an exciting time to be actively immersed in the scene.

Cheers to the Buckeye State with my Buckeye Vodka!

De Novo on the Park’s atmosphere was fabulous. Awesome little spot downtown bordering Columbus Commons.

One of my biggest take away’s from the afternoon… there is a huge difference in cherries.

Just say NO to maraschino cherries!

Our fearless bartender.

How could you not enjoy your Sunday entertaining people like this?

My favorite was the classic gimlet made with Buckeye Vodka. Which I apparently didn’t get a picture of.

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of making a gimlet with vodka but I foresee a whole bunch of the refreshing cocktail this summer!



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  1. May 11, 2017 / 1:37 PM

    Such a fun event and your summary is perfection, you influencer type you! 😉 xo Oh and the new site looks amazing btw!

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