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I’ve been to several Columbus Clippers baseball games at Huntington Park, one of the best stadiums in the country! I have even enjoyed the “VIP” if you will, area known as the Tansky Level. VIP because you do have to have particular tickets to gain access. The other week I got to experience my first game enjoyed from a box at Huntington Park.

Very VIP! And we all know how I feel about being VIP.

Manfriend works for the, Nigh Law Group and much to my benefit they’re a crew that enjoys fun!

The weather was incredibly iffy on game day. It was the week it monsooned almost every day, making it the wettest July Columbus has seen in quite some time. A little Jim Ganahl knowledge for ya there!

Joe, grappled with whether or not to cancel the box and food or brave the weather. By 2PM I was informed that it looked like the rain would clear out and we would be going to the game.

The rain did not clear out, at all. More monsoons which resulted in a delayed game, giving us more time to enjoy $25 BudLight 6-packs. Not a joke. The best part about getting a box at Huntington Park is picking the menu! We stuck with some baseball classics, hot dogs, popcorn and beer. There was also a nacho bar! Can you imagine my personal excitement when I heard the words, NACHO BAR?!?!?! I never even ate a hot dog because I ate so many nachos.

Serious shout out to the mac n’ cheese – Huntington Park knows what’s up when it comes to the American classic.

It did end up being a gorgeous evening and we did get to see some baseball being played that ended with a Clippers win.

Columbus Clippers ring your bells!

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Remember this guy? Kevin from American Pie and Rookie of the Year ringing any bells?

Thomas Ian Nicholas, was signing autographs at the game so I had to run down and take a peek. We all know I can’t let  a famous person leave the building without getting a look myself!


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