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Life happens at such a rapid pace in today’s world. Memories are made and in a {blink} life has moved on. Being as tapped in as we are today, instant gratification, instant uploads, snaps and stories make us feel like we are documenting all the moments and memories time offers.
My Mom has rows of photo albums. In the really early years there are dates and captions next to every single picture placed. So many of the pictures are duplicates, pictures taken over and over ensuring they got the right shot, all snapped before the digital and instant era. The albums are all in chronological order, our history, my childhood, memories all neatly lined up on a shelf.
I love to go back through these albums, relive all the memories. What I looked like as a child, the family vacations, the sports and swim lessons, birthday parties and holidays, all of the treasured moments that make up my life. I always say if my parent’s house were ever to go up in flames, somebody better make sure they get all the albums first, because they are truly irreplaceable.
In today’s digital world, I depend on a cloud to back up all of the pictures of Evelyn’s life. A cloud, I don’t even really know what that is! Somewhere out there in space, a cloud, that I know can be hacked (there are no nudes on said cloud) and can also be lost in a deep, dark, technology black hole, never to be found again. I’ve taken millions of pictures of Evelyn over the last four years, but her baby book has only been filled out through 6 months and most of the pictures from the first two years of her life were lost to that black, Internet hole. Everything except what actually made it to Facebook and Instagram, gone. Sweet cloud.
Because of today’s digital age and my lack of effort’s, there will be no rows and rows of perfectly manicured, chronological photo albums for Evelyn and future generations. Hacking into my Facebook account to recount life’s moments when I am old will not be an option, either! I think we all want to leave some kind of organized legacy for our children and their children. This is who you are, this is where you came from, these were your first words. This is who I am, here are my memories and the highlights of my life, etc. It doesn’t always have to be complex, Blink Box allows you to organize all of those memories into an uncomplicated, shareable package.
I am Courtney’s customer. The exact type of person she wants to inspire, help and offer a simple solution to all of life’s documenting problems, in one timeless box.
Blink Box Collection are photo journal boxes made to document specific life events. Blink Box provides you with timeless guidelines and provides all of the right tools to help a person document and organize memories while leaving plenty of room for creativity.
Courtney has always successfully pursued the corporate life. Providing for her family and going through the motions, as it does for so many of us, the corporate career became mundane and unfulfilling. The first time you met Courtney and her Husband Ryan was HERE, when we featured their incredible work and shop, Ink & Co., Made in Ohio. Their handcrafted dreams have become hot commodities all over Ohio, which has also lead to a storefront in Dayton, Ohio. This incredible duo, has turned dreams into reality with hard work and grit, it’s also given Ryan who has always been the stay-at-home Dad in their family, a mission and purpose that feeds him while also allowing him to be the constant his family needs.
Courtney told me, Blink Box is selfishly her way of getting out of the corporate world and being able to really live life’s moments. A game of post office with her kids, sex with her husband, being more of the consistent figure in the family and getting to be a part of all those memories corporate careers often steal from you. I was baffled how she could think being a Mom, Wife, total Girl Boss with genius ideas, paving her own path, was any bit of selfish?
I want to remind everyone, who runs the world? Girls.
Not everyone has that creative call in life. Courtney has it and she’s got it in all the best possible ways.
Just like Ink & Co., the packaging and branding of Blink Box is timeless, chic and creative. The boxes themselves are simple but leave plenty of blank space for an artistic and creative mind to turn them into a unique work of art that reflects a memory. The cards are simple and to the point as well. Making sure to include what really matters and what you really want to remember. And true to Courtney’s carefully thought out brand, everything she’s done to create Blink has been done with a small, local businesses. From the boxes, twine, stickers, she keeps it all local.
The blank cards again, leave a canvas for users to turn them into cards full of colorful memories. There are spaces for important dates and short prompts. My favorite part about the prompts are the handwriting they will require. I love the way my Grandmother and Mom write. I am sure one day it will become something I cherish even more, but I love the way their big letters scrawl and loop, memories we don’t often realize we should cherish, until they are distant. Some of the birthday cards, sent to myself and Evelyn over the years will fit perfect inside the blink box, as well behind their respective years.
Blink Box is divided into boxes, each representing large life events, years, dates and favorites. I’ve listed all seven below as well as a picture that epitomizes what memories that particular box would be filled with. Inside each box are cards, each card representing a specific memory, relative to it’s box.Call them the new age baby book, call them genius, perfect wedding gifts, the new travel journals, the future of photo albums. Call them what you like, everyone can appreciate what Blink Box is offering.

I can’t wait to watch Courtney’s idea take over, grow and evolve. What started as “tag-a-time” has already evolved into a truly unique idea that will serve a greater purpose in the everyday life of her customer’s, her ultimate goal when she began spinning her wheel’s about beginning a business. Life happens in a blink, being able to share memories is vital, Courtney has found a beautiful way to share her creative goal’s that allows customer’s to detail those moments.

Blink Box: Boxes

1. Wedding
2. With Baby
3. Baby’s First Year 


4. Firsts & Favorites
5. Birthdays
6. School Years
7. Anniversaries
8. Travel
G  I  V  E  A  W  A  Y
One winner, selected at random will win a Blink Box of their choice.
How to Enter:
1. Follow @acityexplored on Instagram
2. Follow @blinkboxcollection on Instagram
3. Look for the GIVEAWAY post and tag 3 friends in the comments section.
Winner will be chosen on February 21st – Blink Box Launch Day!
Courtney {right} and her soundboard and talent behind the graphics, Andrea. Two Dayton girls with big dreams.
Blink Box Collection
Detail the Moments  
{Website launch February 21st, also when supplies becomes available.}

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