Columbus Boss: D&W Elements

 This week’s Columbus Boss is an extreme talent and has a keen eye for mixing modern and vintage inspirations. We are so excited to introduce you to Dan, owner and fabricator of D&W Elements.
The squeak of shoes on the court. The crack of the bat. The smell of hot dogs and the first sip of a cold drink. The roar of the crowd. Our team against the other guys. Seeing that familiar skyline after a long drive home. Settling into your favorite chair. 

Whether it’s where your from or just where you belong.

Let’s bring it home.
D&W Elements is a Columbus, Ohio based company dedicated to the fusion of modern design with vintage inspiration. Dan understands the passion and local pride his customers have for their city’s and he is proud to help you support that pride through his unique talents!
The handcrafted and laser etched coasters are an ode to where Dan got his start.
The modern meets retro design of D&W Elements stems from Dan’s love of retro themes, old photographs and any reminders of the past. His passion for sports and his understanding of design engineering has led him away from wood working, where he got his original start and into a more graphic design rooted art.
Descending from a Grandfather who was a woodworker and a Father who attended CCAD here in Columbus, the love for design and wood work has always been in Dan’s blood. Growing up in Toledo and going on to earn a degree from The Ohio State in mechanical engineering, Dan’s passion for Ohio easily translates into his work.
Dan lives here in Columbus with his wife and gorgeous baby girl.
He’s working on re-branding D&W Elements and really focusing on his business goals and what inspires him artistically.
Dan and his wife are currently renovating the basement of their home in order to create D&W Element’s headquarters.
This space will allow Dan to do the in house printing much easier and convenient, since all of his custom work receives his individual attention.
As I mentioned, you don’t have to be Ohio obsessed to love one of Dan’s designs.
He offers prints of several different sports for fanatics and over 18 different cities and is always adding more!
In our efforts to shop small this Christmas, D&W Elements if the perfect shop to remember when shopping for that someone with a passion for their city or sports team!

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Dan is always looking for new ideas and materials for new original products. 
Always open to new ideas and suggestions if there is something specific you’d like to see, Dan is always willing to work to bring any customer’s vision to life.
Whatever your passion, D&W Elements want’s you to bring it home!
Be sure to catch Dan and D&W Elements this Saturday November 19th at the Holiday Market of ‘Not Your Mama’s Craft Market,’ at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Columbus.
D&W Elements

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