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It’s no secret I have a serious girl crush on our newest Columbus Boss; Nursah, the genius and talented mind behind Exact Moments Photography. Working with her has been every blogger’s dream, if you don’t remember, you can remind yourself here, here and here. Her talents are truly immeasurable and her kind heart and personality make her so easy to work with. I have had the pleasure of watching her work, in awe as she photographed a friend’s wedding with such ease but what I have enjoyed the most is getting to know her as a friend.
Nursah was born and raised in Turkey and still travels back regularly to visit family and friends. It was in 2008 when she was studying architecture in Turkey, that she won a 3 month architecture internship in the United States.
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What she thought was just going to be a summer love in the U.S. turned into so much more when she returned to Italy to continue her studies and that boy kept coming to visit. That boy, proposed and Nursah and Andrew were married in 2010, once in the U.S. and once in Turkey.
Settling into Midwestern life, Nursah discovered to be an architect here in America she would have to attend school for at least three more years. She turned her focus to graphic design and photography and a new passion was discovered.
Nursah with Husband Andrew and Son Aidan.
Working full time as a graphic designer and dabbling in photography, she photographed a friend’s engagement photos, her first formal session and was more than pleased with how the pictures came out. It was then Nursah began to realize that her hobby could be much more.
With the encouragement of family and friends and after becoming pregnant with the couple’s precious son, Aidan now two, Nursah knew she had to pick one passion and put all of her focus and efforts there.
She chose photography.
Exact Moments Photography in action.
Nursah never had any intention to shoot weddings but in 2013 she took on her first wedding request of a friend. A small intimate wedding, Nursah feared the responsibility of capturing one of the most important days in a person’s life would be too big of a feat. But if you look at all of her work, it is obvious her eye and knack for telling a story through photos is a skill that would leave any bride more than thrilled.
In March of 2015 Nursah quit her full time job and took the plunge to make photography her full time focus.
Nursah never misses a shot!
A big fan of candids, Nursah is constantly working to improve herself in photojournalist styles and techniques. While the technical aspect of her work is extremely important to her, Nursah says there is nothing quite like sending a gallery out to a client and receiving their reactions and delight when they see them for the first time.
I love taking people’s pictures. A lot of these people share their secrets with me before anyone else. Whether it is a pregnancy announcement, an engagement session or a little story of how they met, I feel so privileged to be ingrained in their lives through photographs. They choose me over and over to be a part of some of their most special moments and I can’t adequately describe how much it means to me.”
Examples of Nursah’s talent.
Nursah still misses the bustling metro life of Turkey and travels regularly to visit as well as shoot weddings in her home land. But she has adjusted well to life in the United States, noting it has a calmness and less stress then the life she was used to in Turkey.
Never quite satisfied with her skill, Nursah continues her education in photography, taking as many courses as she can find time for. Working on improving her style and learning ways to make her photography just a little bit different than the last, there is no missing the raw talent, keen eye and knack for capturing that exact moment that Nursah possesses.
Some of Nursah’s favorite candids.

G I V E A W A Y:
One lucky winner will be selected to receive a 30 minute photography session and 15 images with Nursah.
{Something to keep in mind when entering, Nursah has set aside some dates for the mini session, Nov. 12th, 13th & 19th are her available times to shoot the mini session. When entering make sure you can make one of these dates work!}

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A winner will be chosen Thursday November 10th.

To view more of Nursah’s work visit:
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