Columbus Boss: Tutor Doctor

As we have immersed ourselves into the Columbus Community we have met so many cool individuals who are rockin’ their personal world’s. We immediately knew we wanted to showcase their stories and feature the people we come across in a specific way, we just weren’t sure how. At first we were just going to do Girl Bosses. We love to support other women. We think really cool things happen when women come together and support each other’s ideas and dreams. But we realized there were too many cool dudes we had already met. To narrow it down to just women would be doing a disservice to the whole idea of what we were trying to showcase.
That is how the idea behind Columbus Bosses was born. Amber and I are so inspired by so many people who are the absolute BOSS of what they are doing, we want to share their stories with all of you!
Every Thursday Amber and I are going to bring you a different Columbus Boss. Some people will be the actual boss of their business, which makes sense but not everybody will. We really are looking for anyone who is really owning how they are chasing their dreams. Being the Boss of their own life in a way that deserves some recognition. 
Do you smell what we’re cooking? It’s probably burning.
We are also hoping bringing you these Bosses will not only help you discover some other inspirational people and resources right within your reach but will also lead to some awesome GIVEAWAYS! We have some lined up that we think you are going to be pretty into! So be sure to check in every Thursday to find out who the featured Columbus Boss is and if there is a coinciding GIVEAWAY that you can enter that week. 
Now, we are SO excited to introduce our very first Columbus Boss, Lori Nahem, the Tutor Doctor!
Lori, is an in home tutor for children of any age who might need help with any subject. It is 1-on-1 tutoring that Lori describes as meeting a student where they are and helping them fill in the gaps.
Lori resides in Bexley and can travel anywhere in Upper Arlington, Gahanna, New Albany and pretty much anywhere else in the Columbus area to accommodate a family in need of a tutor.
Lori became passionate about being a tutor after being a Mother to three and finding that she herself could never find a good tutor for her kids when she needed it. Her number one goal is being a great resource to parents who are struggling with how to help their child succeed.
Like so many parents Lori truly believes that education is the key to success in an increasingly competitive world. Providing your child with this 1-on-1 experience could really give them the extra edge they need to get ahead in some of those tougher subjects.
Lori is kind, friendly and smart. She truly believes in the good she is trying to bring into people’s lives. Sitting and talking with her I felt totally comfortable and at ease. Kids are smart, if you can develop a good repertoire with them you have a chance at being an effective tool in aiding their learning. This is something that Lori understands and works hard at.
Tutor Doctor also provides SAT/ACT preparation for those preparing to head off to college. They are usually hour long sessions. But Lori noted they are always flexible depending on what works best for each individual family.
The Tutor Doctor is not solely focused on helping students achieve success in the classroom. They also have an Outreach Program that is designed to help students overcome barriers and achieve excellence in life. Whether it is time management or empowering a student to see beyond their perceived shortcomings, Lori at Tutor Doctor is your one stop shop for getting your child on the right track to excellence.
You can spot Lori zooming around Columbus in this hot rod!
We will be revisiting Lori and her Tutoring services as it gets closer to the back to school time! So stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY featuring some tutoring goodies as we begin to creep closer to the end of summer. {STILL TOO SOON!}
If you want to enter a GIVEAWAY right now there is still time to enter our Core Power Yoga GIVEAWAY! Win 1 month of FREE yoga! Enter to win on Instagram, all you have to do is follow @BasicColumbus and tag a friend under the GIVEAWAY post. We pick the winner tomorrow so don’t hesitate any longer, get going!

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