Derby Day

The one day of the year that it is totally acceptable to drink bourbon at 11 am. (Or in our case, brandy! Our choice of booze for the juleps!) Not only do you get to drink mass amounts of minty-sugary-bourbony-drinks, but do we even need to say it…..?
THE HATS. Oh, the hats. We love everything about this day. The hats and sunnies, the mint and brandy, and oh yeah, the races. But lets be real, who actually watches them? We’re just here for the fun! Our derby day consisted of mint juleps, lots of snacks, a few bets, and of course the mandatory derby day wears!
A big congrats to Niquist (Who we SOO knew was going to win, right? Even through our bourbon muddled brains.) for taking the crown today.
Dress   ||    Shoes (similar)   ||    Hat (similar)    ||    Glasses   ||   Bracelet (similar)


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