Diez de Mayo

Como estas amigos?
This post is late but who doesn’t love an easy cheese dip recipe and even easier margarita recipe! It certainly doesn’t have to be Cinco de Mayo or even Mayo to enjoy either, so we’ve provided the contents and directions for both, below. Plus after the Monday that we had doubling that marg recipe doesn’t sound so bad! I actually stopped what I was doing mid-crisis and took pictures for the blog. But Amber assures me nobody wants to see the proof that my toilet exploded shit everywhere!

An added disclaimer….. Hi, I’m Lindsey and I’m late. If there was a support group for people who ran late I’d be President. My Mom would tell you, I was born a week late and she has yet, in 32 years, to see me be on time for anything. It’s a flaw people, not my best attribute but I do hope to be late for my own funeral one day! So there’s that.

For the margarita recipe you will need three ingredients, four if you fancy.

-1 Can of Frozen Limeade
-Triple Sec
-Lemon/Limes or both if you Fancy

Put the limeade in the blender, measure one cup of tequila, 1/2 cup of triple sec (using the empty limeade container) Squeeze in Lemon/Lime juice. Add ice. Blend. Boom.
The cheese dip is just about as fool proof as the margarita. You will need 4 ingredients and your
-A block of Velveeta cheese
-4 oz sour cream
-1 can of Rotel (any flavor)
-1 lb. of sausage (I always get zesty for the added kick)
Chunk your Velveeta and get it melting. Add the Rotel. Brown the sausage then drain it. Once the cheese is pretty well melted I add the browned sausage and sour cream. Mix all together well. Let warm. Serve. Tell me that crock-pot of melty, sausagey goodness doesn’t disappear instantly.
Wash it all down with your frozen margs, do the salsa and call yourself Chaco!

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