Easing Back In

I have to seriously ease myself back into this blogging thing or maybe I mean, life. 
After ten days of Hawaiian Paradise, returning to the real world has been a struggle and that is putting it incredibly lightly. There is the time change, unpacking, returning to work, getting a four year old re-acclimated and not starting my morning with a goat cheese omelet and champagne, being served amongst a Jurassic Park-esque back drop, in 80 degree temperatures is really a bigger adjustment than you can imagine. 
I’m not complaining, I’m just complaining.
I am kicking off the series of Hawaii posts with the most basic of posts, an outfit post.
This white BCBG dress with the black, fringe back, was my favorite of the trip.
I love wearing white, it’s my best color. 
When Evelyn was born, for her newborn pictures the photographer told me to bring black tops to wear in the pictures. I took all white, (one black one, just in case). She admitted, I looked way better in the white top, not news to me. 
I was in just as many pictures as the newborn… I mean I gave birth to her and lived to tell about it, I kind of felt like the photo shoot should be about me too!
My Mom found this dress, on serious sale at Dillard’s in Canton, Ohio.
My Mom loves a sale, I love a white dress and because of the upcoming trip to Hawaii/Wedding I was in the market for fabulous white dresses.
It was $69 and I thought at first it would be my dress for the wedding. But because I knew it was going to be a fabulous, gay wedding, it wasn’t quite formal enough for the big event.
We were going to be taking a booze cruise, catamaran, whale watching off Lahaina, for the rehearsal dinner so naturally I was worried the slight sheerness along with backless and fringe might not be nautical appropriate and I didn’t want any nip slips upstaging the Brides.
When I questioned Jordan, my little Brother, also Bridezilla about my concerns of sheer, nip slips, Jordan gave a response, only Jordan can give…
“Lindsey, I want a fabulous boat, full of fabulous people and titties all over the place. Just like a Hugh Hefner boat. Wear the dress!”
I wore the dress.
But because I was somehow convinced my nipples were going to be the stars of the show, and I was giving my toast that evening, I wore stick-on, nipple covers.
My first experience with nipple covers. 
Since I am going here, because why not draw attention to your nipples? 
I felt like the nipple covers drew more attention because they were large, round and puffy looking, which isn’t my usual look.
Conclusion: From here on out when I am going bra commando, I am just going to let my nipple flag fly.
Everyone gasped when I told them I was wearing white, not just to the wedding but all weekend long, to every planned event and beyond. 
Duh people, of course I was wearing white! I was the self proclaimed, Maid of Honor!
First, it’s a GAY wedding, there are no rules, I was told to look my most fabulous, similar to the Hugh Hefner boat. I knew I’d be sporting a killer tan and white, virgin or not is my most fabulous and complimentary color.
Jordan also insisted on the heels, which made the look, but were promptly taken off upon stepping foot on the catamaran. 
The wind whipping the flowing dress made it even more ethereal and I felt like standing on the tip of the boat, shouting, “I’m the Queen of the World,” all evening long.
Because everything I’m wearing is old or was on serious sale when I purchased it, I can’t link any of the actual items I’m wearing.
Instead, I’ve linked 10 fierce white dresses, I’ve been coveting.
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10    


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