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It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend recap with all of our most recent places & faces visited. So I thought I’d do the past couple of weekend happenings in one quick recap. And by quick I mean a lot of pictures…
For the most part it has been pretty low key, but we have bi-bopped to a few places I wanted to share. I’ve also eaten some really good food, duh, so that must be documented and shared as well.
My thirst for good craft beer lately has been unquenchable. 
There is a popular local hashtag, #drinkupcolumbus. I am switching it to, #drinkuplindsey.
Flights are my favorite.
The highlight of my first trip to CBC, their nachos! One of the reasons Jesus rose again was for these nachos, they were that good.
After declaring my love for nachos, over and over again while consuming these puppies, the above beauties got me thinking about conducting a Columbus nacho tour this summer….!
How interested would you be in me scientifically documenting this venture?
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.
The fries are a notable mention.
We celebrated Easter a week early due to schedules. Evelyn and I headed up North to Canton, Ohio to visit our Nanoo. My maternal Grandmother and Evelyn’s Great Grandmother.
When you get on 30 West and hit Dalton, Ohio you will pass a true hidden Ohio treasure, Dalton Dari-ette. I have been stopping to get ice cream here for 33 years and was excited it was a warm enough day for Evelyn and I to stop and enjoy their soft serve.

There’s nothing really exceptional about this roadside ice cream stand. They do have the best french fries, and other assorted fried foods, although I’ve never met a fried food I don’t love and quickly devour.
 Since Evelyn and I were already on a walk down nostalgia lane, when we got to Canton I decided to introduce her to another childhood staple, the President William McKinley National Monument.
The McKinley Monument, a landmark in the City of Canton, is the final resting place for the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. Residents of Canton pass by the Monument or run up and down the 108 steps everyday. Traveling on Interstate 77, the Monument towers well above the trees.
The 108 steps had nothing to do with the reason why I brought Evelyn. Lying through my teeth.
The interior dome measures 50 feet in diameter and is 77 feet from the floor to the highest point. At the top of the dome is a red, white and blue skylight. The skylight has 45 stars in its design representing the 45 states in the Union at the time of President McKinley’s death.
These steps hold so many memories for me.
Since I can remember I was brought to these steps, probably for the same reason I brought Evelyn.
My Great Grandparents, would bring cardboard boxes and we’d slide down the wide, stone railings that line the long staircase. So many memories, so much history on these steps.
I remember the Monument feeling so much bigger than it did that day. I wondered if it felt monstrous to Evelyn’s four-year-old frame, like it used to when I was a child. 
Taking in Canton atop the McKinley Monument.
It was a beautiful evening. 
If you are ever in the Canton area, the Monument and park are worth a visit.
Celebrating Easter with our Nanoo.
Huck, the posing Puggle.
My two Easter Chicks.
Love my little Family so much.
We followed the Easter Bunny around all morning. Literally. 
I could feel the, not this girl again, coming from the Bunny after our 7th or 8th hug.
It wouldn’t be Easter without a purple, butterfly balloon.
Coveting all the Easter egg hunt booty!
The weather has finally turned in Columbus and I think Spring is here to stay and Summer is close on its heels. I need this time of year that brings more sunshine and the warmer temperatures so bad and have been so happy to be getting outside and also to be back to patio sitting.
Harvest Pizzeria in German Village has been on my must try list for quite some time. We finally got there and it did not disappoint!
Pimiento Cheese Appetizer. Order this.
It could have been the sunshine and near 80 degree temperatures but this cute local spot, connected with Curio is my new favorite ‘za in Columbus. 
Hydration. Alcohol. Caffeine.
I’m so needy. Or these are the essentials to a good day.
I still don’t even know if I believe that it was actually gluten free pizza, but they claim it is! 

We had the Spicy Yuma, but every single house pizza looked incredible!
There has also been a lot of Ohio sports viewing lately. Between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Columbus Blue Jackets, it has been  an exciting playoff season in these parts.
Not looking good for the Jackets, still holding out hope for a Cavs repeat performance.
Bye Ayesha!
This went in my butt.
If you have somehow managed to avoid my Insta-stories, the universe officially hates me and I have suffered through my very first hemorrhoid. Thrombosed hemorrhoid if you want to get into medical terms. It’s basically a clot in my butthole and it’s been painful without getting into anymore detail.
I pondered whether or not to go public with all of this information but I do pride myself on being honest, transparent and not making this little life I have created look like a sugarcoated dream. So I shared, overshared and shared some more in true Lindsey fashion and here I am talking about it again,
I found, you people love a hemorrhoid story! When I overshared on Instagram I got more messages from followers in response to my hemorrhoid than I have received in a full year of blogging. I have been to the Doctor and after an incredibly humbling experience on my knees with my pants around my ankles, and being told, you’re going to feel some pressure
YOU CALL THAT PRESSURE?!?!?! I have a few other descriptive words to add.
I have been informed it can take up to three months to go away, if it returns after hopefully leaving, there will be some more evaluation. I’m hoping we don’t have to further “evaluate.”
As always, I’ll keep you fully updated.

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  1. May 1, 2017 / 8:25 PM

    My husband is from Northeast Ohio and we always stop at the Dari-ette on our drive up! I've never met anyone else from Central Ohio that's been there 🙂

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