Eddie George

Beginning TODAY {February 6th} and running through February 11th, one of Columbus’ favorite sports star, Eddie George will be taking the stage at the Palace Theatre to star in the smash Broadway hit, Chicago!

I was lucky enough to attend a Capa in Columbus event that included hearing some background on Eddie’s experience and how he found himself auditioning for a Broadway musical.

We also got a very brief meet/greet/photo/please move on quickly, with the hunky OSU/NFL star!

I was overly nervous and excited to snag a few moments of Eddie’s time. I was just getting over the flu so I was incredibly feverish, visibly sweating all over the place because regulating my body temperature was not doable at the time. I was awkward…. awkward and sweaty, such a winning combo. When he tried to make a joke, I buckled under pressure and said something along the lines of,


Katie, owner of Tru Man Brand, had sent me with a bag of OH SO GOOD paraphernalia to gift Eddie. I was excited to leave a lasting impression being the only one to present him with a token to remind him of his good old days. Which is what I think I actually said… a token?!?!?!

Hopefully he only remembers the gifts and didn’t catch my flu or my inability to be cool {figuratively and literally}.

This triumphant hit musical is the recipient of six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy, thousands of standing ovations, and is now the #1 longest-running American musical in Broadway history. Chicago has everything that makes Broadway great – a universal tale of fame, fortune, and all that jazz; one show-stopping song after another; and the most astonishing dancing you’ve ever seen.

The productions hold an added punch of hometown pride as the former NFL legend, OSU superstar, and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George makes his Columbus stage debut as the fast-talking lawyer Billy Flynn.

For more information, visit www.BroadwayInColumbus.com.

Purchase Tickets HERE


Tues., 2/6/18 – 7:30PM

Wed., 2/7/18 – 7:30PM

Thurs., 2/8/18 – 7:30PM

Fri., 2/9/18 – 8PM

Sat., 2/10/18 – 2PM

Sat., 2/10/18 – 8PM

Sun., 2/11/18 – 1PM

Sun., 2/11/18 – 6:30PM


Break a Buckeye Leg, Eddie!


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