Grumpy Old Men Brewery

It is true, no matter where Zach and I wander, it almost always includes a Brewery. It’s so easy to do these days with large craft breweries, micro-breweries and everything in between popping up, literally everywhere. You really can’t travel anywhere today without hearing about their craft beer scene and that is fine by me!

I was in the Experience Columbus office for a meeting yesterday, and learned when the new Columbus Ale Trail is released in May it will include 50+ Breweries! I can remember a time in Columbus when there were single digit if any… It’s a great time to be a beer drinker!

We spent a wonderful weekend with Family in Blue Ridge, Georgia in December for Christmas, and of course had to check out the local brewery. Funny connection, one of my Dad’s flight attendants {he’s a pilot} her husband, works at Grumpy Old Men and was working the day we stopped by!

The world is not flat, it’s shrinking.

This place was a glorified garage and is everything you want in your local micro-brew. It was Christmas Eve and chilly, but in warmer weather the outside tables and corn-hole boards provide a perfect outdoor atmosphere. Most importantly the beer was good. This was obvious from the large crowd, gathered in the cold, drinking beer on Christmas Eve afternoon.

How Grumpy Old Men Came to Be:

Grumpy Old Men Brewing was founded in October of 2012. 

The first legal brew was shipped in July of 2013. 

It was founded by a couple of retired beer enthusiasts that went from brewing in an outdoor shower to opening their own Micro-Brewery.

In 2018, they passed over their tap handles to another Grumpy Old Man & his Crabby Old Lady. 

The original grumpy old men are now enjoying their retirement from the other side of the bar, drinking the awesome beer they created. 

Their corporate mission is simple and  they claim it will never change:

If we don’t like it, we don’t drink it.

If we don’t drink it, we don’t sell it.

Current Beer List

Moon Over Blue Ridge- 5.5%

Devils’ Den IPA 7.0%

Hell’s Holler Porter 7.2%

Bergey Brown – 6.0%

GrasshoppA IMP IPA – 8.0%

Big Booty Black IPA – 6.0%

I love my beer dark. The higher the percentage the better.

Zach literally rolls his eyes at this, because let’s be real, he’s the one picking me up off the floor after two 10% beers. LOL.

Their Porter was delicious!

We will definitely be making a return trip in March when we visit Blue Ridge again to celebrate my 34th Birthday with the Baberz.

See you soon Grumpy Old Men!

We left with a hat and a sweatshirt, becoming our tradition when we hit new breweries. The sweatshirt’s Zach gets, that I later have shopping envy over, I shrink.

After I “accidentally” shrink them, they’re the perfect size for me, what do you know!?

HAHAHAHAHA. Don’t tell Zach, he doesn’t read this. 🙂

Connect with Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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