Hair Obsession

If you follow Basic Columbus on Instagram or me {LooLooLinds} on Snap Chat you may have noticed a growing trend/obsession with my hair. 
Braids on braids! 
I admit, I’m obsessed. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, especially in the summer when I’m hot and I have to have it off my neck or I literally stop functioning, fall apart, and grace those around with me with a full on Lindsey Meltdown like a true Lady.
I don’t like to be hot.
Cue my new love affair with my latest best kept secret, the genius, wizard, artist, Shanda at the Blow Dry Cafe. If I call to make an appointment with Shanda and can’t because you all have booked up her schedule, I really won’t blame you at all!
Fishtail Braid for Red, White & Booze.
Every time I have visited I haven’t even really told her specifically what I want. Just a vague idea of what I’m thinking and she works her wizardry from there! She truly has a vision when it comes to locks, I never want to let her go. #deathgrip
Braid Obsessed.
Mother-Daughter Matching Braids. 
Elsa’s of the world, be jealous!
Bestie Braids for PRIDE in Columbus.
Fierceness is always welcome!
The Blowdry Cafe is located right on the outskirts of Upper Arlington on the corner of Reed & Henderson Roads. It’s not a typical salon because they don’t do cuts or color it is strictly a styling, make you look fierce and send you on your way salon. 
Hair & Make-up.
Stop in. Beautify with the Best. Go. It’s that Simple!
BlowDry Cafe Hours of Operation:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 10am – 6pm
Wednesday 7am – 7pm
Thursday 7am – 7pm
Friday 7am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm
If I don’t have to brush Evelyn’s hair that is a HUGE win in my Mom book. It is worth every penny to let someone else wrangle my child’s never been cut hair!
Could you die, how cute is Shanda? She’s gorgeous and so sweet in person. I want to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me in case I have any hair/makeup emergencies.
I have a list of events for the rest of the year that I will be hitting up The Blowdry Cafe for! Now that I’ve started my reputation of fabulous hair, I feel it’s important to keep it up, you know what I mean?
Shanda is working all weekend and the salon is open so call & book your appointments to get the perfect American Girl hair! #614-273-0123
We hope everyone has a Fabulous July 4th Holiday. We will be celebrating Freedom all weekend long so be sure to follow along on Instagram & SnapChat. {LooLooLinds & A.Wright1988}

We will see everybody back here on Tuesday for a Red, White & Booze recap. Don’t forget to enter the CorePower Yoga GIVEAWAY!

God Bless America & Braids.

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