July 4th

I’ve blogged about the 4th of July before because just another Holiday, it is not in Upper Arlington. Every year, the day after Red White & Boom, which annually falls on the 3rd, we get up early and attend festivities all day to Celebrate America’s Independence.

#UAALLTHEWAY is alive and well in the suburbs of Columbus.

UA is host to a morning parade and evening fireworks, every single year. It is also when the High School holds it’s class reunions, promising packed parties full of familiar faces from the past. I have good friends who live on the parade route and across the street from the fireworks. You could say I’m well connected when it comes to the 4th.

Unless it’s raining, we participate. In everything.

This year was my 15 year  High School reunion. Completely mind blowing that I graduated from High School 15 years ago. It seems like yesterday but when you really stop and think about how much has happened and how much you have changed it’s not as hard to wrap my mind around. What is really crazy is how fast 15 years goes!

Because of the 4th being on a Tuesday this year, it’s hard to get into the full spirit of the Holiday when work is looming at 8AM. But we managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun!

Brunch at Brookside in Canton, Ohio with the whole family!

The weather was gorgeous for the whole Holiday, nice and hot with lots of sun which always results in pool time & Rosé all day.

Snuck in some time at the lake 0ver the weekend leading up to July 4th.

What’s more American than tacos?

Nailed this chorizo, crunch-wrap from Condados.

Red, White & Boom.

Photo Credit: Evelyn

First time attendees at the UA Parade.

15 year Upper Arlington High School Reunion.

High School feels like yesterday, and then it doesn’t.

Representing our American Flag well!

Have I publicly shared that Evelyn has 4 cavities?

Yes, 4! I’m really nailing this parenting thing.

I kid you not, as I sit here and write this, there is a National news story on children dying during dental procedures. So there’s that. Definitely more on this as we live out the drama… because you know there will be drama.

Lord, have mercy.

Did I also mention one of my best friend’s is a dentist. And my Mom is a dental hygienist… I told you there’d be drama!


Daughter of a Dentist, with no cavities.

Waiting on Fireworks.

Future trouble makers of UAHS.

It was another fabulous 4th in Upper Arlington!


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