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We’ve heard your groans Columbus. We’ve really missed the Main Library TOO! Columbus’s Main Library heard you when they had to close their doors over a year ago and they know you weren’t exactly thrilled when you first got word that all the renovations meant actually closing the library doors to the public. But guess what, Basic Columbus is here to assure you it was more than 100% worth the wait!
Back at the beginning of May {that feels like forever ago} when we were just starting this crazy blog idea our now Bestie Mom Blogger, Eryn from 614 Mom immediately made sure we were included in the Main Library’s Columbus media event. Thank you again Eryn! Seriously, we SO appreciate you extending your kindness to us and looking out for us when we had no idea what we were doing. We’ve really learned a lot in just over two months!
I was able to jump last minute into a hard hat tour with Eryn and Julie who does outreach for the library, to see first hand some of the renovations that were beginning to take life.
With approximately $35 million in renovations, 150,000 hours of work, by over 600 workers the excitement is brewing for this Saturday and I can honestly say having been a life long visitor of the Columbus’s Main Library she has never looked spiffier or ready to present her fresh faced makeover to the public!
As I mentioned I got to see the Library when it was still pretty rogue. Even though you could see their vision slowly coming to life there was still a lot of work to be done before their June 25th Grand Opening.
Hard Hats and Reflector Gear. #ootd #whatiwore #stylediaries
I think we rocked it well!
Does anyone need us to link these for them?
If you’re a regular of the library you might notice the staircase has been moved. This is to help aid in one of the libraries overall goals, to achieve a more open and inviting space.
The Aminah Robinson mural has been reinstalled along the outsides of the main staircase which showcases parts that have never been seen before.
One of my favorite things Julie kept reiterating to Eryn and I while we were on our hard hat tour and that I really want to share with you because I think it’s important for us Mom’s to hear and believe! The New Columbus Main Library wants you to come, enjoy, be active, engage and make noise! Yep, you don’t need to be silent any longer. No more constantly hushing your kids the entire time you visit your local libraries. There is a big push to get people more engaged in their local library and away from thinking its just a place where you have to go and be quiet.
Julie assured us quiet libraries are out and old school. I can’t tell you how relieved Amber and I are to hear and believe this! 
The kids area has come a long way since I last saw it. Ahem.
This is one of the spaces Amber and I are most excited for! The library put so much thought into the construction of the kids area. The attention to detail is evident as you enter and there are two entry options, one for adult and one for a much smaller version of you. Second there are bathrooms and water fountains inside the walls of the kids area, no hiking it across the library as your kids yells, I GOTTA GO! All the Mothers in Columbus just rejoiced, AMEN!
The Main Library recognizes that being located so centrally that there are a lot of kids who visit the library who never have a pre-school experience before they start kindergarten and the library wanted to be sure they helped that transition process for kids who visit.
The school bus divides the children’s area which is meant to help break up the area for upcoming story times the library holds.
They’ve also incorporated age appropriate technology perfectly with a custom designed table. The table features four circle cutouts with eight computer stations. Your little will get to crawl under the table and stand inside the circle to access the computers!
Ready for Kindergarten Toddler Storytime is on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:00AM at Main Library.
There are endless library events at Main and all the local branches that may be a little more convenient of a trip for you and your family. Check out this events page. So handy and so user friendly!
However the higher you go up in the library the quieter and more traditional it does become.
When we visited the teen area it had been purposely put on the second floor away from the children’s area. Teens don’t like to feel like they are children, or interact with them. 
Well played library.
The teen area includes a ton of computers free to use, iPads and a Xbox 1 Gaming System.
Well played again.
Their reasoning behind this again was because they realize a lot of teens will come to visit the library that don’t have access to internet or any kind of gaming system at their home life and the Main Library wants to do what they can to provide those little luxuries to the teens of Columbus.
My favorite thing I learned about the teen area however I heard during our tour during the media event. All of the seating in the teen area looks out at downtown Columbus. This is intentional. Meant to inspire teens to work hard as they look out on the world that they will one day enter to tackle their dreams.
Hopefully the view helps them dream big!
This was one of my favorite spaces in the library. 
Similar to the teen area, this is the view of one of the main conference rooms that is free to rent as long as it not being used for soliciting purposes. There are also seventy-two public computers available on this second floor for hour long sessions as well as all kinds of easy printing options.
Need to print something off your phone quickly? Stop by, plug in quickly and boom! The library has truly thought of it all!

The goal was to create a functional outdoor green space that better connected the library to the Topiary Park. The Main Library’s inspiration for the outdoor seating are was New York City’s famous Bryant Park and it’s so welcoming! The green space really draws the eye out especially when you are inside of the library in the Great Reading Room. It worked. Everyone who loves to read will be drawn here and drawn even further out to the luscious green space,
I may have caught Amber twirling and humming songs from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ among the rows and rows of books.
“Little town, it’s a quiet village…”
They more than achieved connecting the Topiary Park with the inside of the library by removing a ceiling and really opening up the space with floor to ceiling windows as seen above. When we were there for the media event, before the library was even technically open there were already people outside using the new seating area and the library staff were literally tickled with excitement.
The best part of the outdoor seating area: free Wi-Fi. I foresee lots of afternoons blogging there with and without the kids!
We were able to meet up with some old and new blogger friends. We just love meeting new blogger friends! 
We also love meeting Sting and Peter Gabriel. Yes, it’s true and we can’t wait to blog about the whole experience! If you somehow missed us saturating social media with our Sting sighting, get with it and follow us and see for yourself! We met him right before the library lunch.
I’m sweating in this picture {still} because of it.
#newmain #weloveourlibrary
The new Main Library has been STACKED with over 300,00 books, with fifty percent of them being brand new!
We’re not going to spoil ALL the fun for you! Come see and try out all the exciting and wonderful features for yourself this Saturday, June 25th at the Grand Opening of the new and improved Main Library.
3 words; interactive touch screens. Not only are these GREAT resources for the library they are beyond cool. Make it a point to seek one of these out and see the madness for yourself! You won’t regret it.
Bring the whole family! Amber will be there with her two daughter’s so be sure to say hello, introduce yourself and take a selfie if you see her!
12:00  |   Dedication and Ribbon Cutting
12:30-3:00   |   Grand Opening Celebration
2:00 – 3:00   |   Concert in the Park
          Dusk    |   Outdoor Movie

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