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    LeatherCraft Germany concentrates on the environmentally friendly manufacturing of leather add-ons. The result is items that stress durability and quality, leading them to be your everyday friends.

    In this approach, in reality, exactly what will not be in the world of design and throw-away tradition. This is a go back to the days when physical objects were created to begin with on function and for many years. However, with the minimalist design of our small leather goods, we are bringing this approach into a modern context.

    Unlike the typical style period, our leather goods are presently only available in normal blacks and browns and they are available all year round in the online shop.

    premium quality, handmade, personalized leather items.

    Your personality and creativity in leather. Made in our manufacturing facility in Germany. Palm-manufactured. For you personally – so that you get the merchandise you would like – not volume-created merchandise. Best quality handmade.

    More details about Lederaccessoireshave a look at our new resource

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