Memorial Golf Tournament

Every year I mark the start of my summer with the same event, the Memorial Golf Tournament. The PGA event was founded 40 years ago in 1976 by Golf Great Jack Nicklaus, a Columbus native. The tournament is played on a Nicklaus-designed course at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.
It is truly a stunning course, neatly groomed to perfection. There is nothing like watching some of the biggest names in golf come through the fairways, while sipping bevvies & being fabulous all in the name of country clubbing it up. AmIright?!
I’ve attended the tournament for years under various titles; patron, volunteer and employee. Every year I am still just as excited as the last to attend and be apart of all the golf glory!
Zach and I ready for a day of golf.
We got lucky with the weather, which is always questionable for the Memorial. It isn’t unheard of to snow in May just because the tournament is in town, trust me.
The outfit (from Target) was a total win for walking around all day. It was super comfortable and unlike other one-piece rompers I didn’t have to totally undress when it came time to break the seal. 
I live for pom-pom details right now. Plus this outfit will be reappearing for 4th of July festivities and probably football season, Go Buckeyes!

These two Lovahs! Kyle and Hanna are Zach’s good friends from Mt. Vernon, whom I have fallen madly in love with. Great people, an awesome couple and seriously both are hilarious! If you don’t follow me on Snapchat (LooLooLinds) you missed out on Saturday with these two.

Our Uber driver’s name was Moe. The rest is hilarious Snapchat history.

Hanna & Kyle had never been to the Memorial Tournament so it was exciting to take people who had never attended and were experiencing it all for the first time!

Wind to Oak. We laughed.
Blondes have more Fun. Duh.
No Words.
This year we were lucky enough to get VIP tickets from a Nationwide connection which really upped the ante for our day at Muirfield. Easy parking, free food and drinks and the best seats in the house.
Nationwide Insurance knows how to party!
The 18th Green & Clubhouse behind us.
Champagne. That’s a happy Lindsey!
Then we got to do something in all my years of attending the Memorial, I have never gotten to do! The Golf Channel hired Hanna and I and put us right on television!
Ok maybe not that exactly, but we did get to sit in the seats and get our picture taken where they do all of the filming. Even though it looks fake that is not a green-screen behind us.  

It is the 14th hole live, no screen!
The one hilarious thing they ask you to absolutely NOT do when you are sitting there is to not adjust the seat in anyway. My seat was so high, I literally had to climb up to get my booty in it.

I later learned a vertically challenged man sat in that seat, hence the height.

Huge Congratulations to William McGirt for clinching the win in playoff holes!
Can you spot the PGA Golfer in this picture?
What Kyle yelled out after Dustin Johnson teed-off on 15. Did anyone hear/see us on the telecast?
A special shout out again to Nationwide Insurance for sponsoring such a fantastic sporting event that benefits Nationwide Children’s Hospital, right here in Columbus.

Thanks again for the hospitality – until next year!

All pictures of Muirfield Village Golf Course in this post were taken by Julian Allen Photography.

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