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I’m here to tell you micro-needling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is AMAZING and you must do it ASAP!

When it comes to my face, I’ve done it all. One of my big new years resolutions for 2018 was to take better care of my skin. Between derma-planes, botox, hydro-dermabrasion facials, religious Obagi use and countless other tricks I’ve heard that work, I was on a serious mission this past year to extend the youth of my skin. I’m staring 35 straight in the face, and I can honestly say, since having Evelyn but especially the past two years, I have really started to see some changes in my skin, and I don’t mean the good kind!

I have heard about micro-needling more and more but was always a bit nervous and unsure if it really had all the benefits it claimed. After one treatment, I am a firm believer that everything they’re saying is true and it is totally worth it!

Because of trademark laws I can’t use the popular name you all know this facial as. It rhymes with schmampire schmacial. It’s the facial Kim Kardashian received on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and screamed the entire way through about it hurting. I am here to tell you, Kim K. must be a sissy because I have zero pain tolerance and micro-needling did not hurt at all. In fact when we started, it was a low setting and I was immediately like, ‘turn it all the way up!’ I am pretty sure she had that Skin Pen pumping and I was still not in any pain. It feels like really aggressive micro-dermabrasion

I still can’t believe the difference in my face since the treatment. Immediately after I received the facial I had to pick Evelyn up from school. Her reaction, “Uhhh Mom… What’s wrong with your face?” Hahaha. I applied the calming cream all night, which really helped any warm sensation I was feeling. I had very mild discomfort around my upper cheekbones, near my under eye. This tends to be a very sensitive area on my skin regularly, so that was not surprising to me. Extra calming cream to the area helped soothe the discomfort. The next morning my face was still red, but not grotesquely and if I put on a hat, I don’t think anyone would have really noticed. I did have quite a bit of peeling on my face especially around my mouth for about 3-4 days, but this could also have been made worse by using Obagi. One week later my skin was glowing, dewey, bright and flawless. No joke it still looks amazing. It helped even out my skin tone, really made a difference on my sun and age spots and helped smooth out any fine wrinkles, you miiiiight see on my face. And that was after just one treatment! It is recommended you receive three treatments to see full results.

Because I truly think everyone should try this, I’ve teamed up with Infinity Rejuvenation Bar to bring you a GIVEAWAY as well as a 20% off code you can use toward your first treatment! You can also view my entire micro-needling session and see for yourself what a dweeb I am! I’ve also included a before and after picture of my bare, make-up FREE face. Don’t scroll too fast!

Read all the way to bottom for a coupon code to receive 20% off your first treatment and instructions on how to enter $200 off any microneedling facial or facelift WITH regenerative cells (this doesn’t count towards the basic microneedling treatment).

Infinity Rejuvenation Bar is the only Salon Lofts med spa to offer microneedling facials and non-surgical facelifts utilizing regenerative cell therapy and FDA approved SkinPen. They take pride in being able to offer clients the best and latest in natural skincare treatments that get real results. Their team consists of Chief Medical Director, Orin Hall MD, a nurse practitioner and a team of estheticians who have gone through extensive training to offer clients leading beauty treatments and regenerative cell therapy.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling causes small, purposeful injuries to the skin, which stimulates the body’s natural healing process causing your body to generate new skin cells and blood vessels.

Benefits of Regenerative Cells

At Infinity, we use three types of regenerative cells to amplify your treatment results. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Regenerative Cells or Umbilical Regenerative Cells (commonly known as “stem cells”) are powerhouse cells naturally produced in the body that can help stimulate rejuvenation of skin cells and tightening of the skin. These cells can seek out damage tissue and help to formulate new tissues including skin cells and blood vessels. We utilize these cells as a topical treatment and also as filler injections for deeper wrinkling/pitting or areas where you desire more plumpness.

Where Do the Regenerative Cells Come From?

PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) Cells come directly from your body. First we draw a small amount of blood, and spin it down so that the powerful plasma cells are on top. Next we extract the cells and utilize them as a topical treatment to amplify your treatment results.

Both umbilical and amniotic regenerative cells are donated from healthy mothers who have given birth to healthy babies. Normally these cells would be discarded if the mother chooses not to bank them or donate them. There is a higher concentration of regenerative cells that come from umbilical and amniotic cells vs PRP, as we tend to quit producing as many regenerative cells the older we get.

Skin Conditions Treated

Hyper-pigmentation, acne, fine lines, laugh lines, crepe skin, dullness and “greyish” skin, scarring/pitting, age spots, stretch marks, hair loss. Results will vary depending on your unique skin type and conditions.

Waiting for the numbing cream to kick-in.

Watch my entire micro-needling with PRP session:

Video 1

Video 2

My blood! With the good stuff  spun on top, getting ready to go on my skin!

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Win a gift certificate with Infinity Rejuvenation Bar for $200 off any microneedling facial or facelift WITH regenerative cells (this doesn’t count towards the basic microneedling treatment).

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And because you’ve made it all the way to the bottom, you deserve to see my

micro-needled and make-up free face!

Now go enter the GIVEAWAY so you can experience it for yourself!


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