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Earlier this summer Evelyn and I attended a ‘Mom Blogger Event.’ A bunch of Moms and their kid’s all coming together to get to know each other better and do something fun with our children. We gathered at the Polaris location of The Little Gym, there were snacks, a really fun painting craft provided by Canvas Creations and of course running around and horse-play encouraged by The Little Gym staff.
If I’m honest I really don’t have a lot in common with this particular group of women. The common denominator with us all besides having off spring was that we were all bloggers.
When Amber and I started Basic Columbus we had endless conversations about our goals for this space and what we wanted it to be. While we are still trying to figure out where we are taking this blog and what our niche will be, there have been several conversations about what we didn’t want the blog to be. 
We don’t want to be ‘Mom Bloggers.’
While there is nothing wrong with being a Mom Blogger, some of my favorite blogs are solely Mother and children focused, it’s just not who we are. Amber and I are both Mothers. I am a single Mom with one child and Amber and Jeremy have two girls between them. So there is clearly going to be a kid influence when it comes to the content of Basic Columbus. So much of what we choose to do, the places we visit, are impacted by our beloved children. 
Children we do in fact love with all of our beings, but let’s get real, my entire life does not revolve around my child.
There seems to be an under lying tone of cattiness and competition among some of these Moms, which this Mama just can’t deal with. I’m not sure if it’s because via social media we all appear to be way cooler than we actually are. Or that it is just a Mother’s nature to want to do better than everyone else for her children. I don’t think this exclusively applies to just Mom Bloggers either, I think anywhere you look, there is an under tone of competition between Moms.
It’s never really been in my nature to compare myself to others. Of course I don’t always succeed at this and will find myself falling down a rabbit hole of endless reasons why I am failing in comparison to everyone else. But at some point in life I became confident in who I am and what I stand for. Motherhood has only solidified these feelings within myself. When you’re up against a strong willed 3-year-old who is hell bent on having her way, you figure out really quickly who you are and what you’re made of.
I’ve heard it mentioned several times by bloggers, usually Mom Bloggers, when we are all at the same event; “Are we all going to go home and blog the same thing?” The answer is, yes, we sure are! We are all at this event for content for our blogs. We’ve been invited to participate in something in hopes that we as bloggers will go out and share our experience and bring attention to whatever it is we are participating in. It makes me laugh for several reasons when I hear this concern expressed at large public events. If you don’t want to blog the same thing as everyone else, either don’t attend the large group events or come up with original content.
The humor for me lies in the fact that when this concern is expressed, I know someone doesn’t have a true understanding of how the art of Journalism works. When you are a reporter you are constantly working for a scoop, the scoop that nobody else has. That scoop is what will get you headlines and taglines. When you are the first to report something, it does not mean that other’s are not going to report it. If it’s news it has to be reported. Don’t we hear the same news stories on channels, 4, 6, 10? At the same newspaper often there are several reporters working on a story, the person with the best scoop and content is going to get published. For me personally, writing about the same thing as 10 different people doesn’t phase me at all, hello every Journalism course I ever took! In my mind I know my pictures will be different, my voice in the story will be my own and my content will vary from everyone else’s because it’s my own perspective, one that I am confident in.
I experienced this exact thing when writing the piece for our Columbus Boss series on Robert Mason Co. There had been a story done on Robert and his store by every big publication in Columbus. 614 Magazine, Columbus Alive, Columbus Underground, The Columbus Dispatch had all done their own spin on Robert Mason Co., the fire and it’s new location in the Short North. Before I even talked to Robert for the interview portion I was feeling defeated. Everyone had already told his story, why would anyone read mine? While speaking with Robert I asked a couple key questions that nobody before me had pondered. Robert was willing to share in-depth with me parts of his story that had never been told. It is still our biggest hitting piece to date. With over 2,500 hits to the blog on that article alone, it was a huge story for Basic Columbus. It didn’t matter that almost every major publication in Columbus had covered Robert Mason Co., I brought a new perspective and voice, all my own. 
The process of what being a real writer means to me.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve been ‘writing’ for years. I graduated from Elon University with a Journalism degree from an accredited Communications program with the hopes of one day fulfilling my dreams of being a real writer. That’s the true drive behind the blog for me. Practicing my craft, pushing myself to write about things outside my comfort zone, challenging myself to become better at a skill I’ve tried to hone for years. I do care about the content we bring you but mostly I care about how I write about it. Being a writer is still not a title I have given myself and I have never once referred to myself in public as a writer. But I do consider myself a writer more than a Mom Blogger.
Don’t get us wrong there have been several Moms who we have gotten to know better through the blogging community that we greatly respect, love and have true, meaningful friendships with. We also have gotten to know non-Mom bloggers, who don’t have kids, or whose blog has nothing to do with their children and for whatever reason there seems to be much less of a competitive feeling among them. We are not against Mom bloggers, if I’m being honest there seems to be one particular driving force behind the competition among the Moms Bloggers of Columbus. It is this that we began distancing ourselves from already.
We put a lot of thought into the content we bring you, the pictures we post on Instagram and the parts of our lives we share in this forum. Amber and I both work hard to balance all aspects of life, being successful employees and members of society, being present and positive parents and partners. We love being bloggers, bringing you stories. reviews and opinions we hope are helpful in your everyday life and help you to get to know us on a more personal level. 
We are not going to stray away from ‘Mom Blogging,’ because we aren’t going to stop being Moms. But we are going to keep making a conscious effort to bring you content outside of the Mom-O-Sphere.
As we reach 2,000 followers on Instagram, over 700 on Twitter and with over 13,000 hits to Basic Columbus since we started in May it is hard for Amber and I to feel anything but humble and appreciative of the support we receive daily through this forum. In a world where it is so easy to get lost in comparison to one another we are going to work hard to stay true to ourselves and the content we bring you, even if every other blogger in Columbus is covering it.
We are also going to continue to try to expand our relationships with other Mom Bloggers while trying not be ones because it is good for Amber and I and our children. While we can spot petty bullshit and a bad apple from a mile away we are going to continue to be kind and supportive to the women around us. Being a Mom is hard work, whether you’re sharing it through blogging or not!

As always, we appreciate you following along with us and supporting us through this journey!
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  1. September 6, 2016 / 5:17 PM

    Love your perspective on this! We are all more than just "mom bloggers" everyone has a unique perspective and story to tell and I personally always love reading about the two of yours!

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