Mom Clothes & a Love Story

I really enjoy reading other people’s outfit posts. I have gotten some of my favorite articles of clothing upon the recommendations from several of my favorite bloggers. So when Amber & I talked about doing outfit posts for Basic Columbus I went straight for my cutest outfits, duh.
But let’s get real! I do not spend my days prancing around in white, off the shoulder dresses. I have a 3 year old toddler for crying out loud. While white is my FAVORITE color and I LOVE to wear it, white yoga pants do nothing for anyone’s butt appearance.
For the sake of keeping it real here we decided to outfit post what I actually wore to chase Evelyn around The Columbus Zoo and not just a cute outfit I wish I could keep clean.
I didn’t say it was going to be Vogue worthy! I go for comfort and mobility.
My three year old moves fast and God forbid she ends up in a Gorilla cage, Mom’s gotta be able to move!
Amber was walking behind me and a little disgustingly questioned how long I’ve had that backpack? 8th grade. It’s a classic. It has literally been everywhere with me and I have no plans to trade it in. Plus as I was linking everything at the bottom of the post I can assure you they don’t make them like this anymore!
With that said, I love a backpack! It’s really my preference for bag style because it leaves my hands free, isn’t hanging off my shoulder or doing that weird, cross-body, boob slice. You know the one.
Has anyone seen cute purse-like, backpacks, not from 8th grade, they recommend?
I live by SmartWater. I suffer from horrible migraines and I swear a SmartWater a day keeps my migraines away. I drink it like Amber drinks her Starbucks. 
No, regular tap water is not the same.
The hat. Oh, the hat. I love hats, all kinds of hats. This hat has been my #1 hat for a while now, mostly because it started with a love story. And I die for a love story. If you follow me on Snapchat {LooLooLinds} you’ve seen this hat, a lot. Like I didn’t take it off for an entire weekend, a lot.
I attended my first Greensky Bluegrass show at Newport Music Hall this past winter and was BLOWN.AWAY. I really knew very little of the band and was going with my Manfriend and his crew. I love to see shows without knowing much going in. Seeing artists live, doing their thing, is the way I much prefer to experience them for the first time. Greensky grabbed a hold hard from their first chord and I was hooked.
As soon as the show was over I sprinted to the merchandise table to grab some GSBG paraphernalia. Which is where the hat comes into play. I bought the hat and a koozie and turned around to rejoin the crew and much to my surprise Paul Hoffman, the hottie mandolin player from Greensky, was standing right in front of me! I have no shame, so of course I fan-girled all over him and asked him to sign my hat, to which he obliged while I was professing my undying love for him and his mandolin skills. I really wish I had asked for a picture as well. Our eyes met, he smiled, I smiled {he’s like 6 inches shorter than me…and you know what they say about shorter guys?!} and we totally had a moment, while my Manfriend waited patiently by for me to pull it together.
Paul and I’s love story doesn’t stop there. The next day, I was wearing the hat, {duh} and I took a picture of myself wearing the hat, posted it on Instagram and tagged @phoffman music, because clearly. Well, within minutes Mr. Hoffman “LIKED” my Instagram picture solidifying our love over social media for all the world to see. I am still waiting for that Facebook ‘Relationship Status’ to go through.
In August I have plans to attend The Werk Out Festival (hopefully if all my stars align) and guess who is one of the headliners? You guessed correctly if you guessed, Greensky Bluegrass!!! Paul and I camping out under the open stars? It’s going to be magical! Or actually, maybe I won’t be allowed on the premises because I’ve officially freaked someone out, but hopefully not Paul.
I am at least hoping to get the rest of the band to sign my hat, maybe?
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