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One of the best (or worst) things about blogging, being on Instagram and immersing yourself in this incredible community is all of the amazing products that are for sale! So many good ideas and so many beautiful things! I especially love to find other Moms and Girl Bosses who are rocking their worlds and do what I can to support them!
When I came across these ILY Couture t-shirts on Instagram I knew Evelyn and I had to have them, I mean HELLO, Look at them! They are adorable!!! And I am a s-u-c-k-e-r for matching Mama & Mini stuff. Seriously if you sell it, advertise to me, I am a sure sell! As soon as Evelyn is old enough to realize we are matching I imagine it will no longer be allowed so I’m going with it for as long as I can.

I ordered a size large and actually wish I would have gotten a medium. (Frumpanella is back!) I would say the t-shirt runs just slightly big (we know I don’t run small) and it didn’t really shrink up the way I was hoping in the dryer. The material though is to die! It is soooo soft and comfy. I’ll be rocking this on repeat under my leather jacket, to the pool and with jeans around town with my matching mini!
Evelyn is wearing the size 4T. It was the only size in her age range they had left and thankfully it seems to run slightly on the large size too so it fit her perfectly! My mini tank, hehe.
You guys please excuse my daughter’s hair. She will be four in January and has never had a haircut, ever! I know, what is wrong with me? And you are probably asking yourself why?!?! I honestly have no idea other then I just cannot bring myself to do it. Her hair looks like a rat’s nest constantly and it drives me crazy! It is only a matter of time before Columbus Children’s Services comes knocking on my door because so help me God when I brush her hair it sounds like I am doing terrible, terrible things to her and the entire neighborhood gets the pleasure of being our listening audience when the weather is nice and the windows are open. And here in the Golden Ghetto of Upper Arlington, Ohio our houses sit right next to each other. Trust me when I tell you they hear her every time she screams, “Mom, don’t touch me like that!” Ya, see what I mean…. so many emoji faces.
Goodness, I love every last hair on her head though!
What are some other local or non local places who feature Mom & Mini matching attire you wear or love? Let us know in the comments, we would love to check them out and support them! We have a couple other shops we are going to feature who do some incredible stuff we simply cannot live without, so stay tuned!
Columbus weather has been a bit bipolar lately…. It can’t decide what it’s doing. We came to Schiller Park in German Village to do a lot more exploring, because it is a beautiful park in the middle of the city but we got chased away by a cold downpour. Hopefully Mother Nature starts taking her meds soon and gets it together because we are ready to get outside and enjoy this beautiful city!
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