No Child {VERY} WET Behind

To say it was a soggy Saturday is a pretty big understatement. The weather definitely did not cooperate as it often doesn’t in Ohio but it could not dampen the spirits of all the runners and participants of Columbus Birth and Parenting’s event, No Child Wet Behind. 
This was the inaugural event for this cause and it was a SUPER success raising over 7,000 diapers for Mother’s in need right here in Columbus. Amber and I were honored to be a part of such a successful event and will definitely be participating next year!
Let me expand on the participating next year part……
I mean we participated! We donated diapers, I ate some fruit snacks and drank some water. Thanks Costco!
Amber had coffee as Amber always does!
We took lots of pictures and mingled with other friends and bloggers who were there to support the cause as well. Shout out to Megan and her Husband Stephen from EatPlayCbus. These two are EVERYWHERE and we love it!
When it came time to actually run, the only place Amber and I ran was straight back to our cars. I know, you guys, we are terrible! But it was pouring rain and cold and I just wasn’t feeling it, not even for the kids. So we shamefully admit we did not run or walk in the event on Saturday and we really are pretty alright with it, HA!
We SO admire everyone who has it in them to trample through the wet and mud, we are wussies clearly.
It truly was inspiring to watch all these people come together for such a great cause even in such crappy conditions.
Honestly I would have gotten outrun by ten year old kids and I’m not sure my Mom ego could have handled that either.
We LOVED seeing Eryn from 614Mom at the event as well. Can you say swag? Check out that Sofia the First umbrella girl is rocking, is that thing killing it or what? I never knew a Sofia the First umbrella could look so good!
BRAVO! to all the people whose hard work went into making this event a reality! The weather certainly didn’t make anything easier and for a first time event we truly think it went amazing! 
We solemnly swear to run in next years 5k!

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