Nuts for Ohio

Talk about getting kicked right in the nuts!
I think Saturday was painful for the entire state of Ohio. The Nittany Lions roared and shocked the Buckeyes with a 24-21 victory in Happy Valley.

Ohio State falls in rankings to No. 6 moving Michigan up to No.2 and leaving Alabama in first place. There is still a lot of football left to play but I think we all know what this means for Saturday November 26th…. It is so on!

Instead of dwelling on our loss, which trust me I have done all day. As I am writing this and reading back some of the articles written about last nights game, I keep saying, “how in the hell did that happen?!”

I think my Dad said it best, “when you suck, you lose.” Let’s not suck next week Buckeyes…..!

So back to not dwelling on the game, I wanted to bring attention to a positive impact those nuts are doing in our great state, and not just being sore after a bad beating.

Nuts for Ohio supports Buckeye Nation by making and selling home grown Buckeye jewelry and donating $2 of every necklace purchased to Ohio Women’s Refuge.
Ohio Women’s Refuge is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to serve and be a safe haven for sex trafficked women. Ohio is the FIFTH leading state in the Nation for human trafficking investigations! The need for our support right now is greater than ever.
If you aren’t feeling up to supporting your actual Buckeyes right now, I totally feel ya, instead let’s support a great Ohio cause! 
Necklace                               Coaster
Get your Nuts for Ohio necklaces and help support the victims of human trafficking.

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