Photo Dump: 1

The next couple of Friday’s I am going to SPAM you with some serious photo dumpage! Who doesn’t love to waste their Friday at work scrolling through pictures? You’re welcome.
I think you all know by now Evelyn and I did a photo shoot with Nursah owner of Exact Moments Photography. I could sing her praises for days, she was simply wonderful and I could not be happier with the way the pictures turned out. It has been a year since Evelyn and I had good pictures taken together so I know I will cherish these forever. They perfectly depict Evelyn’s personality at this age and Nursah could not have been more patient and kind when it came time to get Evelyn to cooperate.
THANK YOU Nursah!!!!
The other person I need to thank is Katie, owner of Tru Man Brand.

If you have seen us sporting our Ohio State Buckeye gear or our Upper Arlington shirts and wondered where I found them, look no further!
Tru Man Brand has everything Buckeyes + WAY more cool stuff to get you all geared up. Check out her Grateful Alive series….. YAS QUEEN!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!
Don’t forget the New Albany Classic is this Sunday September 25th 
10:00AM – 5:00PM.
Tickets are still available!
If you see Amber and I bouncing around with our kids, make sure you come say Hello!

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