Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been raining non-stop in Columbus and it sounds like there is more on the way, womp. So when the rain broke briefly, Amber and I grabbed the camera and ran down the street to the Scioto River to snap a few outfit pictures.
 I look constipated.
 If it’s raining my Hunter rain boots are a must have. I have a few different pair of rain boots but these are without a doubt my favorite and are good for rain or snow. I love them so much Evelyn is on her third pair. But like I said you can wear them through anything, and a quick hose down will wash away anything she has managed to walk through.
Puddle Jumping in my Hunter Rain boots at the Scioto River
Ok, so these outfit posts crack my shit up. I mean I am not a model, I know this. As much as I love having my picture taken, I haven’t quite found my outfit post pose / groove yet. I feel like frumpanella all the time. And I feel like it translates on camera. To help try to cure this Amber and I have started doing a couple of things. 
First before this series of photos we stopped at one of our fav local watering holes, Gallo’s and slammed a couple delicious bevvies. Sure to make everyone feel better, am I right? The second thing that makes me feel a lot more comfortable is putting something in my hands. If I have nothing to hold my hands don’t know what to do and this results in me endlessly scrolling through the pictures asking, “WHY do my hands insist on being so flamboyant?!?!”
Now if someone can cure my constant constipation face, I will be forever grateful!
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