Romancing the Grape 2017

I knew last night was going to be fun but my first time attending the annual Easterseals benefit, Romancing the Grape was not only fun it was fabulous! So fabulous, that writing this post is pretty painful, so bear with me as I recap all of last night’s boisterous drinking that has left me hurting today.
My last post went into specific detail about all of the positive impacts Easterseals has not only here in Columbus for children and their families, but also all over the United States. Early intervention, adult programs, even aiding families dealing with disability are only a few of the services Easterseals offers to help individuals deal with life’s challenges.
Such an important nonprofit with such a necessary purpose, it was an easy task to help Romancing the Grape hopefully benefit from what I have begun calling the, “Blogger Bump.” As bloggers do, we flooded the internet and social channels with information on the event, why and how to attend. In return, we were given two tickets to the annual event. Easterseals was also more than kind to provide the group of bloggers attending with their own suite.
What happens in Suite 16, stays in Suite 16.
Really though, we felt like rock stars, eating some of Columbus’ best bites and downing spirits, overlooking one of my most favorite places in the world was pretty bad ass! This is a big event, so seating and table space are hot commodities so it was really nice to have a headquarters where we could keep all of our stuff, sit and eat without pulling off an impressive balancing act.
I saw Manfriend ingest his 13th crostini from Guild House, while holding a glass of beer, beer can, my glass of wine, camera and a napkin. It was impressive, he didn’t spill a crumb and he was obsessed with those crostinis! 
I totally failed at photographing the food and let me tell you how amazing it was. When we entered the event and turned the corner into the first main room the smell hit my nose and my stomach immediately did a happy, feed me that luscious scent dance. The food was divine, I could have eaten plates and plates more, revisited some restaurants several times but I was already a 20 pound turkey stuffed into a 10 pound bag so I was trying to keep the eating and expanding stomach somewhat under control.
Participating Restaurants:
The Guild House
Eddie Merlot’s
Murray’s Cheese
The Refectory
J Gilbert’s Fired Steaks & Seafood
Edible Arrangements
Gallerie Bar & Bistro
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Bistro 2110 at the Blackwell Inn
Final Cut Steak & Seafood
Let’s all be honest, I wasn’t really there for the food, I was there for the vino! And never have I seen so much vino go so fast! I was Rose all day as soon as I got there. Hopped from table to table seeking their particular brand of Rose. I found my favorite fast and stuck with it. Not sure what it was called, I did ask four times, still can’t recall. It was slightly carbonated, light and delicious and I was in love. The wine maker of Camelot Cellars got to know my face rather quickly and I greatly appreciated the refills that got larger and larger as my number of visits grew.
Camelot Cellars was the first wine table to run out, I proudly take full credit!
If you have not checked out Camelot Cellars in Old Towne East, go pronto! The best atmosphere, the service is impeccable and I promise their walls of wine or handmade pasta will not leave you disappointed or hungry!
What we did not fail at taking pictures of was our every step on the Ohio State Buckeye football field and tour through the lucrative locker room.
If there had been nothing but a trip down to the field and a VIP, behind-the-scenes tour of the Horseshoe, every single person I was there with would have been more than satisfied. What a thrill it was running around the field snapping pictures and walking the halls that so many legends and great athletes that I adore have passed through.
Nails by Plush Salon
I am obsessed with everything I learned from owner of Plush, Christina about Nexgen Nails and the benefits of using the dip method, they were the first salon to bring this method to Ohio. They are crazy talented in there and picked all my colors for me based off my dress color. They slayed it and I will be back.
They are right on Kenny Road so book here and check them out!
Herding bloggers is worse than herding cats.
I’m convinced Columbus has the best blogging scene in all 50 states! Seriously grateful every time we get together and do incredible stuff that I would never get to do and I get to be counted among these talented beauties, I really do wonder how I got here and got so lucky!
Feeling that greatness between my toes.
So many emotions being on the greatest football field, ever!
Selfies. Everywhere.
We were taking selfies and the boys were tackling each other in the background, scoring fake touchdowns, fulfilling their boyhood dreams.
One of the really exciting details about this years Romancing the Grape, people were allowed to check out the exclusive, Buckeye locker room for the first time in the history of the event!
Our Honor Defend
The Best of the Best.
For more round-up on the fabulous event, check out #ESRTG17
Best photo of the night goes to Erin, The Spiffy Cookie.
If you haven’t like her page on Facebook HERE. She’s just shy of 20,000 Followers!
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  1. May 1, 2017 / 10:07 AM

    Omg I love this post and I love you for the about out at the end!!! I too failed to take any photos of the food. Kind of refreshing though to just enjoy ourselves which we clearly did!

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