Six Must Try Cocktails at VASO

An invite, I will never turn down.

I was invited as a Blogger to VASO Dublin, to sample their NEW, Fall cocktails and menu items. This is my third trip to VASO and as always, their staff were gracious hosts, that provided an exquisite culinary experience, taste-bud by cocktail.
We are going to start with the beverage portion of the menu, because I think we all know,
I’m always here for the cocktails.
VASO has introduced six festive cocktails to their Fall menu. I have photos of five cocktails. That’s not to say there wasn’t a sixth. As you’ll see for yourself, as the drinks progressed, my photos have a gradual fuzziness to them.
Each cocktail is carefully curated by VASOs talented staff of mixologists. Definitely among Columbus’ elite, we got a personal walk through from Rebecca of how each drink is made, with immense attention to detail.
My favorite of the five (six), was the Agridulce. I may have drank mine a little too fast, which was probably the turning point of my evening and when my brain (the photos) start to get fuzzy. I also discovered I really like Aperol, included in the Bulgarian Rose, which was delightfully refreshing and included cucumber, one of my favorites.

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Sunsets are hard to come by in Columbus. We are landlocked, without water and no mountains, more hills, here in Ohio. Lots of grey and clouds, not a lot of jaw-droppers. When the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to turn, that’s when the Midwest really shows its true colors. Sitting high above Bridge Park and across the river from Historic Dublin, sunsets on VASOs patios are spectacular..


1.) Spanish Sherry Cobbler
Lustau Amontillado sherry,  Absolut Elyx, lemon, fig infused syrup

Such careful thought goes into the making of each new cocktail.
2.) Spicy Senorita
Espolon tequila, mezcal, apple cider, lime, chili syrup

3.) Agridulce
Watershed apple brandy, VASO Wild Turkey, Vermouth, pear Jujube Shrub
Apple Brandy by Watershed is scrumptious and will be at the top of my Christmas List.
Stacked cocktails is never a good sign.

4.) Bulgarian Rose
Hendrick’s Gin, Aperol, rose syrup, Fever Tree elderflower tonic

Photos are starting to get fewer and fuzzier…

5.) Santa Maria
Ketel One vodka, Oloroso sherry, pineapple juice, simple syrup, Tempranillo float

I believe the only cocktail we didn’t try, or we did and I don’t remember, or missed it and was confused, or just completely forget… all are highly likely possibilities.
6.) “La” Paloma
Patron tequila, elderflower, lime, lavender syrup, grapefruit soda

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  1. November 19, 2018 / 6:41 PM

    Planning on going here soon so this was v helpful. Love seeing pics of the food and drinks before I order.

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