Summer at the Lake

My family’s lake house, also dubbed “Camp Wernecke,” is everyone’s ‘Happy Place.’ My parents purchased it the winter before I graduated high school making this the 15th summer they’ve owned it.

There is really nothing fancy about it. No cable, no internet, only window air conditioning units in the two upstairs bedrooms. The downstairs couches came with the house, so you can sit on them wet, the dog can sit on them, they are outdated and ugly but also happen to be the most comfortable, overstuffed furniture I’ve ever sat on! There isn’t much you can hurt in the house that is adorned with animals my Dad has hunted. Overall it is a pretty basic family cabin, but it is also the best place in the world!

Tucked in the Ohio hills outside of Lancaster, the area is actually a private “resort,” Hide-Away-Hills. We have a couple of jet skis, a brand new pontoon boat, 4-wheeler, golf cart, endless water toys and of course a floating cooler. There’s a shitty par 3 golf course that’s free to members on the other side of the lake, located next to the quintessential lodge, that’s leaves a lot to the imagination but is really everything you need in a lodge. They even have their own lager and pale ale they brew in-house. The lager is light than the pale ale, if that gives you any indication how intricate the brewing process is, but never-the-less, it’s cold and tasty!

This is the first summer in four years, there has been enough water in the lake to actually boat and use the lake to its full potential. If you are familiar with the dam issues Buckeye Lake has been suffering, Hide-Away-Hills was basically cited with the same problem, a faulty dam. After years of voting and appeasing ODNR, the dam is fixed, water has been restored and we have our lake back with full capabilities!

To say we have been enjoying the lake as much as possible this summer, is an understatement. My parents escape there almost every single weekend, if we don’t have anything else going on, we’ve joined them!

Looking at these pictures I can see how awesome it is to be four-years-old and to spend your summer fishing, tubing and driving the boat. Having a Poppi and CiCi that cater to your every faster hand signal and craving for smores doesn’t hurt either!

There is a Girls Getaway trip coming up to the lake….should provide for some more good lake moments.

Stay Tuned.

Lake Life is the Best Life!


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  1. Barbara Renkert
    July 11, 2017 / 1:42 PM

    What terrific life memories Evelyn with have!

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