Summer Nights: Tuesday

Did you know Tuesday nights are the new Friday? As it turns out if you make it through your Monday you will be handsomely rewarded with Tuesday happenings all over Columbus!
We only speak the truth.
Amber and I, the Ladies of Basic Columbus, decided to do a little research for you last Tuesday. We split up and both took our designated broods to two different events that take place every Tuesday through the summer.
Movies by Moonlight and Music on the Lawn are both FREE, kid friendly and outdoor. Perfect for those of us with toddlers who have given up their naps and still have endless energy to burn well into the evening hours.

Grandview Library’s Music on the Lawn
Every Tuesday – June & July 7:30-8:30
This was the 31st annual kickoff for Grandview’s Music on the Lawn. Everybody’s favorite, The Conspiracy Band, started things off for the summer and as they always do they brought a crowd! 
People were dancing in the streets.

There is plenty of space to bring blankets or chairs. There is a food truck. And the music is guaranteed goodness. Also nobody minds if your kid gets up and dances or chases another kid around. It’s a nice, relaxed atmosphere! 
Here is who is Rocking out the rest of the Summer on Tuesday evenings:
6/07 – The Conspiracy Band (R&B/funk)
6/14 – Arnett Howard’s Band (Creole funk)
6/21 – The Deeptones (Funk)
6/28 – The British Invasion (‘60s music)
7/05 – George Barrie Band (Blues/rock)
7/12 – Ladies of Longford (Celtic)
7/19 – The Ramshacklers (Rock)
7/26 – The Randys (Eclectic oldies)

Because I’ve been taking so many pictures for Basic Columbus and do not go anywhere anymore without the huge Canon camera, Evelyn is really into taking pictures these days.
She’s getting better. We still need to work on capturing Mom’s good angles.
Thank goodness for that relaxed atmosphere! Nobody really seemed to pay us much mind when Evelyn was dancing around holding her dress above her head showing all of Grandview her Elsa undies. When I asked her to please put her dress down this ensued. Followed by the usual, “Mom you really hurt my feelings.”

Bad Mom.
I graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 2002 and am lucky enough to still have close relationships with a lot of my high school friends. Most of us have returned Home to Columbus {or never left} and have begun to raise our families and lay our roots. It is still sometimes surreal the friends I was raised with, we are now raising children together. But is is really fun to know you will always see friendly and familiar faces at events like these ones! 
Speaking of friendly faces and close friends. Almost all of my friends who have gotten married have had The Conspiracy Band at their wedding. Lucky us, I know! Not only were they the BEST weddings but we have gotten to know some of the members of Conspiracy. Or maybe they have gotten to know us, on levels they never ever wanted to, in ways they never wanted to, belting out songs we think we can sing, trying to steal their mics. 
Ya, that poor band.
And then that brave band that sings to overly served friends one-upped themselves and brought all the kids onto stage with them.
And let’s be honest kids are like little drunk adults.
So of course it was hilarious. And there was a lot of mic stealing.
Rory is in awe. Evelyn will not be shown up with the mic.
I don’t know where she learned to ham it up like that…. hahahaha yes I do.
Evelyn is STILL talking about ‘the concert’ and getting up on stage! She had the BEST time all night, singing and dancing. And of course showing her underwear to everyone.
Is it possible to book conspiracy for a wedding 30 years in advance?
Movies by Moonlight at Easton Town Center
June 7 – August 30 at Dusk

Hey everybody! Long time no chat! Lindsey’s been holding things down while I have been out of town but I am back with a vengeance! As Lindsey mentioned, Jeremy and I took the girls last Tuesday out to Easton Town Center for Movies by Moonlight.
They played a family favorite of ours, ‘Wizard of Oz,’ so I knew this was the week we wanted to check out the activities happening at Easton.
We brought some blankets, chairs, and snacks. Although there is food on site as well as some ice cream and sno-cones for the kids. I recommend popping popcorn and picking up some of these cute popcorn buckets from Walmart to really complete the movie experience. 
The girls LOVED it!
Here is what’s playing for the rest of the summer on Tuesday nights:
June 7: Wizard of Oz
June 14: Hoodwinked!
June 21: Pan
June 28: Descendants
July 5: Field of Dreams
July 12: Matilda
July 19: Inside Out
July 26: The Good Dinosaur
August 2: Tomorrowland
August 9: Hotel Transylvania 2
August 16: School of Rock
August 23: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
August 30: The Goonies

If you remember from when we attended 614 magazine’s event, ColumBEST and we lost our mind’s a little over these Mocha cookies by MELT Bar & Grill. Well THEY WERE BACK! And I lost my mind again and ate as many as I could and promptly texted Lindsey, who wanted to leave her event and come to ours, just for that cookie.
Seriously. If you are somewhere and you see these RUN & STUFF YOUR FACE!
Who says there has to be water at the splash pad for it to still be fun?
Lindsey and I highly recommend either of these weekly happenings if you are looking for something to fill your Tuesday evenings with. But if either of these doesn’t quite do it for you, we’ve done a little bit more research for you on ALL the events we could find happening in Columbus on TUESDAY!
You made it through Monday, you deserve to get out and enjoy this city!
AMC Theatres
The second & fourth Tuesday & Saturday of the month
$5 for 10 Movies this Summer
June 14 – August 18th
$2 Movies on Tuesday & Wednesday
Movies at 10am & 12pm

$5 Movies & FREE Popcorn


  1. June 15, 2016 / 4:12 AM

    I had no clue about the events and movie discounts posted. This gives me something to do after work that is really close to home.

  2. June 15, 2016 / 1:31 PM

    I love the idea of Tuesday fun day! It would certainly help with the Monday blues to have something to look forward to the next day and these are some great ideas!

  3. June 15, 2016 / 6:34 PM

    I knew about the movies but didn't know so many other things were going on Tuesdays

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