Swimmers to Olympians

These two look forward to swim lessons every Monday more than we can adequately express. Along with what surprise is in the blue bowl every week!

When I remind Evelyn that it is Monday and that means swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School at 6 o’clock, she immediately responds every week, without fail, “and my Best Friends will be there, right Mom?”
Besties Being Besties.
It’s been two months of swim lessons and Amber and I have a big announcement… 
We are headed to the Olympics. 
Gold Medals for Team USA in doggy-stroke are in our future!
In all seriousness the strides that each girl has made in the water are truly remarkable.
Eliza was a child who hated having her hair washed. Water on the face, no way. Head under water, absolutely not! The confidence she now has entering and exiting the water and also putting her whole face under water is a huge difference from where she started!
Although Goldfish does a great job of placing each swimmer in the appropriate class, you still have some variation in student’s comfort levels in the water in the beginning stages.
Liaylah has also gained an unbelievable amount of confidence in the water.
Even trying to doggy-paddle on her own before beginning at Goldfish was unheard of. Liaylah is now putting together the different strokes that keeps her head above water. It truly is astonishing how far she has come in just a few months!

The teacher’s are really great at encouraging and giving positive reinforcement to each little victory in the water, no matter how small.
Evelyn has been a fantastic swimmer since birth. She has never been afraid of the water and really got comfortable learning to dive and exploring her boundaries under water this summer. Not long after beginning swim lessons with Goldfish, Evelyn began demanding she knew how to swim and was much too big to continue wearing her swimmies.

I was beginning to think Evelyn was ready to move up in class levels, and maybe I should mention she seemed to be greatly out swimming her peers in her current class. I was pleasantly surprised when Goldfish staff approached me and let me know Evelyn would indeed be moving up to the Junior 2 class. It really reassured me that the teachers and staff were paying attention and realized as I did that Evelyn seemed to be meeting all the requirements of Junior 1.
I am so excited to watch her be a little bit more challenged in Junior 2 as she really begins to put the strokes together while still reinforcing safety.
Here is the list of requirements that Evelyn proficiently completed in Junior 1:
-No tears in swim class for 3 consecutive lessons.
-Barbell kicking.
-Breath control in underwater dip – 10 seconds.
-Superman glide – 5ft.
-Sea Otter back float – 5 seconds (assisted).
-Octopus front float – 5 seconds (assisted).
-Pulling paddle.
-Crab walk.
Climb out, “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee (assisted).
-Jump, turn, swim to the wall (assisted).
-Rollover front-to-back (assisted).
-Rollover back-to-front (assisted).
Even though Evelyn is moving up to Junior 2, Goldfish was still able to accommodate us and keep our lesson on Monday at the same time so the girl’s can still get in their Bestie time every Monday.
Goldfish Swim School
6175 Shamrock Court
Dublin, Ohio 43016
{614} 407.3474

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