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The Giants are Coming!

Friday, July 1st – Disney’s The BFG hits theaters!

One of the BEST bloggers we’ve met so far, seriously you guys she knows what she is doing! Ra’Nesha of the blog Queen Thrifty invited us to a sneak peak of Disney’s latest release, The BFG. Because we don’t turn down anything VIP, we really love referring to ourselves attending VIP events, can you tell? We eagerly accepted Ra’Nesha’s invitation. Plus movie theater popcorn is one of my favorite food groups. Extra butter please!

We are big fans of all things Disney; with three daughters between Amber and I, we know more about Disney Princesses then is humanly normal. We kind of consider ourselves to be a little bit of Disney connoisseurs. So we know a good Disney movie when we see one! Because if it is a good one we Moms have to watch it 456,487,545,245 times. Am I right?
In true Basic Columbus fashion we have shared our true thoughts and feelings on what we thought of The BFG. I think I may be getting a little grumpy in my old age. But I also love to be a critic so I don’t really hold much back. Amber’s much more of an optimist and sees more of the beauty in the breakdown of the story.



I’m a reader. Duh. I LOVE when children’s books get turned into movies. When I saw BFG was hitting the big screen, I was stoked to say the least. Roald Dahl is one of my favorite children’s authors! I’ve already read my 4 year old The Witches and Matilda, she loves them!
The movie opens perfectly with the line “It was the witching hour” with shots of Sophie in the dark orphanage. I’m going to be honest, it’s been probably 20 years since I’ve actually read The BFG, (although it is currently sitting on my bookshelf for as soon as my kids are old enough to read it) so I really can’t speak to how accurate the new movie is to the book. But I can absolutely say the movie was AMAZING.
Written in 1982, this book was an instant hit! In the story, a girl unwittingly befriends a scary mean giant who actually turns out to be a Big Friendly Giant (The BFG). The giant takes her to giant country (Scary!) and they work together to try to take down all the mean giants. How do you take down giants? Well of course, in London, you call the queen!
(Cue singing :“God save the queen, she ain’t no human being. There is not future, and England’s dreaming” Thanks, Johnny Rotten.)

I digress, back to the movie, where were we? Scary Giants, right. With names like Butcherboy and Childchewer and Bonecruncher, you can imagine why they need taken down. My favorite part? The dreams. Ah those dreams that the BFG (aka Runt) catches. They are glittery, brightly colored balls of light that float around to be caught with a net. Better than a lightning bug!
Overall, I feel that this movie has just enough scare for the older kid, just enough magic and friendship for the littles, and the perfect amount of nostalgia and plotline for the adults.

My Rating: Win across the board!

I love being judgy so this should be fun!
I remember loving Roald Dahl as a child and I have vague memories of reading a book called, The BFG once upon a time. Other than that, it’s all I got. I couldn’t have told you what this movie would be about before we saw it. And I definitely could not have fondly recounted a story about a girl and friendly giant in giant country, from a book from my childhood.

 Sophie {Ruby Barnhill} was fine. I feel like she could have been better cast. She was cute and did her job but I don’t think she really added anything to the movie.

My favorite part was actually the BFG {Mark Rylance} himself. He was adorable and I was obsessed with his ears. I have admittedly always had a weird thing for ears so that’s not strange. But he did make me laugh, he kept my attention, he was endearing and the best part of the story.
The story was cute, typical. There are other Disney movies I much prefer. Also my three year old would not sit through this movie. It’s not a cartoon so I’m not sure the Giant is enough to hold her attention. But then again Evelyn is obsessed with The Croods so maybe I am under estimating her and she would be into the ears like her Mother?
I did like when Sophie and BFG went to the Queen of England for help. When the Queen phoned America and said, “Nancy. Wake up Ronnie!” I chuckled.
I was surprised when I saw Steven Spielberg directed this film. Honestly, I was pretty bored. I feel like every movie these days are entirely too long and this one did not really differ for me. Or maybe my attention span is shot and I really should do something about my ADD.

My Rating: basic. {See what I did there?}
I left the movie with a stomach ache. I ate every last kernel of my movie theater butter, smothered and covered popcorn. So I have nobody to blame but myself. I am pretty sure the zit farm that has taken up residence on my chin and forehead are also to thank for my butter binge.
If you see The BFG make sure you let us know what you think!

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