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I am so excited to be sharing this post for several different reasons.

First, I love all things fashion. It doesn’t have to be high-end or a special occasion for me to thoroughly enjoy styling an outfit. Finally in my mid-30’s {HOLY COW} I feel like I’ve finally found my fashion stride. I’ve always loved dressing myself, but there were times I would wear trends just because everyone else was. Now I love to stand alone, wear something that screams Lindsey and nobody else. I’ve curated a unique, comfortable. contemporary yet classic style that makes me feel good. Gone are the days, I’m trying to squeeze into something and be someone I’m not, because society says I should, or every girl in America is. Above all else, The Boutique Truck offers pieces that feel good on your skin and will make you feel like your best self.

The other reason I am beyond thrilled to share this is, this is the first website, {other than my own} that has featured ME and A City Explored!

Click HERE.

Check out that front and center banner, featuring yours truly.

If feels like I’m seeing my name in lights for the first time! It feels marvelous!

The website for The Boutique Truck is totally revamped so even if you’re not shopping make sure to check-out my cameo.

I’m not admitting how many times daily, I visit {higher}

The Boutique Truck is Columbus’ first mobile fashion truck offering unique and affordable apparel and accessories to the trendsetting woman on the go! Owner, Catherine Shadeed, has always had that entrepreneurial itch, and after discovering similar fashion trucks along the West Coast she believed this was an up and coming concept that would be received with open arms in the Midwest (and the perfect way to finally own her own boutique…a lifelong dream!!!).

So…nine years and four jobs later, it had finally clicked! Catherine realized this was what she was looking for, this was her dream…and The Boutique Truck was born!

The Boutique Truck carries the latest in women’s fashion apparel and accessories, introducing numerous unique designers to the area, as well as showcasing talented local designers.

Catherine is one of the talented women in Columbus who has grabbed life by the horns and is making her own dreams come true. She has been on the hustle, taking her truck all over the ‘Bus to make shopping even easier for women.

I was ecstatic when Allie, Co-owner of The Wonder Jam, reached out on behalf of Catherine to see if I would be interested in some modeling. Those two had no way of knowing they were further advocating my dreams of being a model.

I of course, dropped everything I was doing {except my eyebrow appointment} and sped off to The Wonder Jam.

I was super nervous and awkward because if you live under a rock and didn’t know Adam and Allie are a super big deal in the Columbus Community and I had never met either or been to The Wonder Jam. Trying to be a professional model, I sucked it in and put on my best duck-lips.

Allie is clearly superior behind the camera and Catherine’s clothes make me look good because there was not a single shot {of myself} I didn’t swoon over.

I’ve linked all, The Boutique Truck items throughout the res of post.

If I missed anything or you have any questions feel free to reach out! A bunch of NEW items just got added online and to my list of favorite items. Everything linked towards the bottom of the post is in stock and ready to be snatched up, so make sure to scroll the rest of the way down.

Because I don’t have any professional photos wearing the new items, I’ve decided to put my shame aside and share a bunch of the new items that are included in my favorites, over on my Insta-stories.

I am literally about to shower and start making videos of myself trying-on and styling my favorites from The Boutique Truck. If you’ve ever watched my Insta-stories you know, there is no way of telling how this will go. HAHA!

Stay tuned for lots of fun, I am planning to link everything there via the swipe-up feature, so nobody has any excuses not to snatch up all this incredible, affordable and soft apparel and accessories from The Boutique Truck.

Remember shopping small and supporting local is the

only way to shop, especially in Columbus!

Mesh Knit Cardigan


Bell Sleeve Crew Neck Sweater

Oversized Super Soft Cream Cardigan

Unfortunately this exact dress is sold out, all of Catherine’s best pieces go fast!

I’ve linked a very similar one, that is still in stock. I think I might be a little bit more obsessed with the rust. Such a good shade for Summer or Fall!

Rust Lace Dress



Connect with The Boutique Truck

Website | Facebook Instagram |Twitter

Colorblock Utility Jacket

I am ooooooooooooooooooobsessed with this piece!

Crushed Velvet Clutch / Crossbody

Polka Dot Stripped Top

Lace Hem Grey Sweater

Front Knot Colorblock Sweater

Pullover Sweater

Pom-Pom Winter Hat

If you want  to get more involved with The Boutique Truck, in addition to festivals, Catherine does fundraisers and private events if you have a group of girlfriends that all want to shop together. An added bonus if you are the hostess with the mostest, the hostess can earn discounts and referral gift cards.

For more information of hosting a Boutique Truck event, click HERE.



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