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If you’ve spoken to me about restaurants or food in Columbus since I first visited VASO in November, more than likely we’ve chatted about the swanky, new lounge that opened up last year atop the AC Hotel Columbus Dublin, tucked inside the recently developed, Bridge Park Dublin.

If you missed or need a refresher on my first visit to VASO you’ll find that HERE.

I was hoping I had a reason to swoon over this palm leaf wallpaper sooner than later. Much to my luck, VASO invited me back for a blogger event to give us a taste of their NEW Brunch Menu {in the room that features the wallpaper of my dreams}.

VASO is now serving Brunch

on Saturday and Sundays from 11AM-4PM.

I think we all know what I came for, outside of the wallpaper gazing.

Gimme all the cocktails!

One thing VASO reigns supreme on, is pouring bevies!

VASO’s famous bartender {not bullfighter, as I previously believed} is a world-class mixologist, again bartender not bullfighter. Jut like their dinner service, VASO started us off with their popular Porron, a classic Spanish vessel used to pour booze directly in your mouth. It’s basically a classy water bong, you can drink directly out of, just like that one time at that fraternity party… this time VASO filled their Porron with a mimosa.

As you will probably learn from this blog, breakfast is not my jam. I don’t love eggs outside of my Mom’s scrambled ones, I don’t like orange juice, or things that have too strong of a smell. I know it’s so random, I eat everything, outside of things that have a strong odor, think mint, thyme, basil, basically all spices. I like bacon, a lot.

I’m that person you go to brunch with that immediately asks upon being seated,

“are you serving lunch yet, or just breakfast?”

VASO’s views cannot be beat, no matter where you are sitting.

Mimosa {8/25}
Cava, orange juice, served by the glass or by Porron

I don’t like orange juice, but I LOVED this mimosa. It was light and fresh, with no pulp!

Tortilla Española {9}
Spanish style potato omelet, manchego, garlic aioli

Maybe I’m not as cultured as I thought, but when they served us the ‘Tortilla Espanola’, I kept asking everyone,

“Where is the tortilla dish? I want to try that one?!”

VASO’s “tortillas” actually look like a quiche, so don’t be as easily confused as me,

who was looking for a quesadilla.

This was one of my favorite dishes that was served, probably because it was less breakfast, more lunch, and was heavy on the potatoes. I like anything with a good carb.

Why am I so weird?

Ensalada de Brotes de bruselas {13}
Brussels sprout two ways, in the style of Caesar, marinated white anchovy

This was my absolute favorite dish

on VASO’s new brunch menu.

I LOVE brussel sprouts, anyway and giving them to me on one plate, two ways sounds like a party in my mouth.

One side is perfectly crisp and caramelized, while the other side is a ‘caesar salad’ style, topped off with fresh anchovies.

It’s like Batman’s Two-Face but with brussel sprouts and it’s damn delicious.

This is what I’m here for, all the bloody-mary’s.

VASO Red Snapper {10}
Watershed VASO custom gin, tomato juice, Spanish red-hot peppers, ginger, lime

Coca con Gambas {15}
Shrimp flatbread, white bean, Manchego, tomato jam

Can you believe, some people don’t like bloody-mary’s?!

I picked up the slack and drank everyone’s drinks they didn’t care for. I’m a team player.

Puesta De Catalonia {12}
Watershed VASO custom gin, sweet vermut, cherry, orange, honey

Benedictino Del Sur {15}
English muffin, lechon asado, braised greens, poached eggs, pimenton hollandasie

A real-time shot of my seat at the table… all the drinks for Lindsey, hold the healthy and the spices.

Avocado toast is all the rage these days, so you can be sure to find it on VASO’s menu

with their own little twist.

Pan Con Aguacate Y Huevos {12}
Avocado toast, poached eggs, crispy peas

This picture was not the result of me being mature.

Do you know what a poached egg feels like? 🙂

Madrid Old Fashioned {10}
Oloroso sherry, simple syrup, lemon bitters, dark rum

Seasonal Empanada, {6}
Vanilla bean ice cream

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