Weekend: Mermaid Hair

Evelyn will turn four in January and I’ve never had her hair cut until this past weekend. I’m not sure why, I was extremely opposed to it for a while, then when I started coming around and thinking she may need one, she became extremely opposed to the idea. 
So here we are just shy of four years on this earth in all her natural glory.
One of my best friends, Carley Cahill has been cutting and coloring my hair since she became a stylist. She’s the best when it comes to coloring and really knows how to listen to her client’s wants when cutting and styling.
It’s taken well over a year to get Evelyn used to the idea of getting her hair “trimmed.” If you didn’t know, it has to be long like a Mermaid’s, now you know.
That feeling when your head is being massaged.
Evelyn of course questioned if it would hurt when Carley cut her hairs. It only hurt when Evelyn fell out of the chair.
It didn’t take long for her inner-Diva to start shining through.
When Carley offered to curl Evelyn’s hair, she literally squealed, 

“Can you curl it like a Mermaid? Beautiful curls like Ariel?”
I love her Diva hands.
We love our Carley and highly recommend her for Mermaid hair or all your other hair needs!
Carley Cahill 
Salon Lofts   |   Grandview   | Loft No. 14
Website   |   Book Online   |   614.348.0560
Mom & Daughter Mermaid Hair.
Being her first haircut I thought the whole experience would be a lot more emotional for me, it wasn’t. I really thought I’d be scooping up every hair off the floor to save, but nope, I didn’t even really think about it. Maybe if we had gotten it cut when she was younger or maybe my scrooge heart has hardened for the season. Bah-humbug!
Gotta take a selfie when you’re rockin’ Mermaid hair.
On Saturday we hit up 101 Beer Kitchen to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday. It was just a girls lunch because my Dad and Grandfather are out of town.
I suggest trying the loaded tater tots. To die.
Four Generations of Wernecke Women.
God love Huck. He is the sweetest, most patient, squishiest Puggle. He tolerates Evelyn so well and lets her have free roam torturing him and squeezing him until he looks like he’s going to POP!
Sunday consisted of a lot laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and playing in the leaves.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I’m trying to wrap my mind around Thanksgiving being in less than 2 weeks! It’s too early to put up Christmas decorations and I’m usually such a Scrooge about it but this year I am feeling the Christmas ju-ju more than usual. I’m going to do Elf on the Shelf, mostly to threaten my child into good behavior for 30 days. Any tips for losing my Elf on the Shelf virginity are greatly welcome!

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