Weekend of Adele

Helloooo, it’s me!
Two weekends ago my family headed South to visit my little brother, Jordan.
Jordan and his Fiance, Jeremy have an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia and also own an amazing mountain house in Blue Ridge, Georgia.
Their property in Blue Ridge has appropriately been dubbed, ‘Morning Wood.’ It has become one of my favorite places to spend time at, so Zach and I snuck in a day in the Georgia mountain’s before meeting the rest of my family in Atlanta.

View of the Appalachian Mountains from ‘Morning Wood.’
Jeremy has impeccable taste. The house is straight out of Restoration Hardware.
It’s to die for.
Also to die for was the weather. It could not have been more perfect to spend the day sitting on patios watching the train roll in and out of town while also perusing the stores in downtown Blue Ridge.
We hit up Harvest on Main where we munched on the smoked salmon and trout spread, divine!
We ate and drank our way through downtown, it’s a gorgeous time of year in the mountains with all of the fall colors in full force.
We also sat outside at Blue Ridge Brewery for my favorite thing, a beer paddle. The beer was amazing! Every sample was more than enjoyable, I couldn’t wait to try the next! I could have sat there all day and indulged in day drinking, but truthfully the service was terrible
I’d go back for that paddle though!

Friday and Saturday we cruised around Atlanta doing what the Wernecke’s do best, eat, drink and shop!
Jordan and Jeremy have an awesome apartment in Midtown, Atlanta right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city with all the cool kids.
Ladies who Lunch. or Ladies of Luxury. Either title are acceptable.
We lunched at a fabulous French restaurant in Buckhead, Le Bilboquet.
I was just waiting for NeNe to walk in!

My Mom and I put on the same pair of sunnies at Warby Parker while we were shopping in Buckhead.
It really does freak me out sometimes when I open my mouth and my Mom comes out!

My Lovah and I ready for a night out on the town in Atlanta.
Jordan, My Dad, Jeremy, My Mom.
I cannot believe in two short months we are going to be taking this Tranny Train to Hawaii to marry Baberz! {Baberz = Jordan & Jeremy}.

The thing my family is literally the best at is eating.
We may not agree on a lot of things. Tuesday’s election being a big one! But when we get together we dine like Divas.
 I die for grits. So all weekend I ate as many Southern grits as I could stuff in. Shout out to Steam House Lounge, my favorite grits to date in Atlanta, as well as their oysters! We had a great meal there!

Must Have Bloody’s.
I don’t know if you can ever say too much Champagne was consumed.
The weekend included a lot of Champagne indulgence.

It was Halloween weekend so Cin and I MILF-ed it up with some cat ears.
Find Your Tribe. Love Them Hard.
The whole Wernecke/Standrod clan getting ready to see the Queen herself!

The true reason we all traveled to Atlanta other than to eat and drink like queens. was because last year, while hosting both families in Blue Ridge for Christmas, Jeremy and Jordan surprised the entire family with tickets to the Adele concert.
Let’s revisit that morning they gifted us the greatest surprise of all time…..

All the emotions.
We were shocked and THRILLED, to say the least! 
Hellooooooooo, it’s me, hottest ticket of 2015/2016 – and we all got to go, together!
It was life changing. She is everything.
You just know you are witnessing greatness. Someone no doubt comparable to the Legends such as Whitney, Cher and I could go on listing my favorite Divas, Adele’s pipes put to shame.

Adele is so real. honest and transparent. I so enjoyed her sometimes incoherent, nervous babble between songs.
There is another part of the show she walks around the circular stage, doing “lunges” posing for fan pictures. She had me rolling! You would never know she is as nervous as she claims to be when belting out her number one hits.
I sang every song at the top of my lungs.
It was like an emotional church service, where you can hear and feel the presence of God.
Jordan and Jeremy always go above and beyond when hosting us and this weekend was no exception.
Adele was an experience I will never forget, having the entire family there made it that more memorable. I am so fortunate to have a Brother I love, respect and it is a relationship that I am so grateful for. As well as a soon to be, Brother-in-law who I adore and whose family I also consider to be my own. I cannot wait to watch Baberz make it official in what is sure to be the Wedding of the Century in Hawaii.
Stay tuned for all the Baberz, Hawaii drama that is sure to ensure in January.

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