Weekend of Fun

If you haven’t gotten the memo, it’s my Birthday week. I turn 33 on March 16th. Evelyn also happens to be on spring break at her Dad’s for a week so I am child free and have declared it my week of Birthday F-U-N. And nothing short of fun it has been and I am just getting started!
I kicked off the weekend with martinis with Manfriend. My favorite drink is expensive martinis. The more expensive the better. 
I kid, kind of.
Blood Orange Cosmo. $6 during Happy Hour.
We hit up Eleven on the cap downtown to satisfy my expensive craving.
Happy Hour Tuesday – Friday 
Pro tip: order the warm truffle chips. They are delicious and one of four $5 bar plates Eleven offers during happy hour.
One of my favorite martinis, White Frost Cosmo $11
You can taste every dime of that $11 cocktail.
Blonde is back! I am just better blonde. I am the blonde friend to all my brunette bestie’s. 
It was my first time at Rosemary & Pine Salon in downtown Powell and it was a great experience. Not only do I love, love, love my hair color, the whole vibe and atmosphere of the salon is serene and lovely.
There is also a really cool men’s barber downstairs, it is a hair/beard specialty, one-stop shop for guys only. It’s like a man cave in the basement of Rosemary & Pine and it’s exactly what men need to keep their grooming on point.
I can’t wait to go back and visit and get better pictures to share with you about the stylish spot in Powell.
Speaking of being the blonde to a brunette. I met my newest black haired bestie and she is perfection. Literally frozen in time, perfection, Stunning and so much fun. A fellow UA Mom, she just gets me.
We had never met in real life, another online friend I finally got to meet in the flesh. Another night telling Manfriend, 
“Honey we are going out with total strangers tonight, don’t dress like a bum. No, it’s fine, they seem really legit.
He loves when I shout things like this at him from the bathroom over the hair dryer. Oh how he humors me. He will tell you himself, it’s never boring being with me!
My gorgeous spirit animal.
Saturday we headed to my family’s lake house in Hide-Away-Hills to hang with my parents for the day and hit up local brewery, Rockmill Tavern.
The sun was shinning Saturday but it was cold. Really cold. The perfect day to sit inside and drink beer.
I was going to share all of the pictures from Rockmill Brewery in this post, instead I am going to dedicate an entire post to just Rockmill tomorrow, because I literally loved it that much.
There’s a ton of good information to share, I of course went into total picture overload and think everyone should put it on their day-trip list as a MUST DO! Especially if you are a beer drinker.
Rockmill Brewery is a little slice of heaven tucked into the hills of Ohio.
A small production brewery located on a former horse farm in Lancaster, Ohio the grounds are expansive and picturesque.
Rockmill Brewery  
5705 Lithopolis Rd NW | Lancaster, Ohio
Friday | 4-9PM
Saturday | 12-9PM
Sunday | 12-6PM
Rockmill Brewery offers no food services. It actually says on their website to bring snacks to munch on while you sit and enjoy their brews.
My Mom packed the most perfect little picnic for us to munch on.

There were six of their Belgian inspired farm house ales on tap so we did a flight with all six to start to get a feel for the different flavors.

My beautiful Mama.
My favorite beer, easily the Rugged Expanse, a dark malty brew.
The old farm house that is the tasting room and it’s set-up is so unique and cool. So homey and inviting, there are couches, rooms and corners available for people to relax and drink in. You can enjoy the large dining room table or hole up by a fire in a back attic.
As awesome as I found the tasting room my favorite was by far the tiny chapel down the hill, set next to a babbling creek. Quaint, tranquil and exquisite, I can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer.
Because it was so cold our outdoor explorations were minimal. But I can’t pass up the opportunity for some pictures when I’m having a good hair day. 
I’ll be back tomorrow with all the details on Rockmill Brewery.
How Huck rides while Evelyn is away.
He is taking full advantage of only child life in her absence.

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