Why a Blog….?

It seems so cliche and it kind of feels like everyone in one way or another is doing it. But I have always hated to miss a party, even if I have arrived late. And we all know I’m never on time!
Amber and I have literally been talking about starting our own blog for over a year. You know how Mom and working life is- busy AF! And honestly the past 3ish weeks we’ve been running Basic Columbus life has been even more insane, but we are LOVING IT! Every single second of it!
When I first met Amber at work I had just become a Mom. Evelyn was 6 weeks to the day I began working and to say I had no clue what I was doing is a huge understatement. Amber already had a daughter who had just turned one so she was a wealth of knowledge for a new Mom as myself. She also had a way of telling me how to do things that was unoffensive, not bossy and she never ever judged the questions I asked or the decisions I made when it came to mothering Evelyn. I was the first of my high school girlfriends to have a baby, so nobody really knew where I was coming from or knew the answers to all my insanely weird questions until I met Amber. So to say I was grateful for her friendship and her willingness to share all of her Mom secrets is an extremely inadequate description of how I pretty much forced her to become my best friend!
After quickly bonding over our daughters we learned we had a lot more in common then just the fact that we both had brought a human into this world. We both liked to drink red wine, which we have done on the regular together over the past three years, duh. We bonded over talking shit about people at work. We won’t get into those details, but chances are if you got on our wrong side, didn’t pull your weight or gave us a reason to talk about you, we did. And we enjoyed it. It’s that Basic Bia in us, don’t act like you don’t do it too.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time with Amber to figure out she’s a work horse. And really you should meet her twin sisters, they move even more then she does! Her mind is always going, she is always designing something and she is talented! So it was an easy decision for me to throw the idea out about us working together on something creative. We are basically the perfect team. Amber is an amazing photographer as anyone with two working eyes can see just by skimming our Instagram feed! Lucky for me, she doesn’t really want her picture taken all that much and I looooove prancing around in front of the camera and vainly picking my favorites after. I earned a journalism degree from Elon University and my main goal for doing this blog was to start writing again. I really only write. I can barely figure out how to publish the blog so, once again, thank goodness for Amber who is a technical genius and takes care of all of our design and technical problems. See what I mean, she is the Ying to my blogger Yang. 
I am from Columbus, born and raised. I LOVE all things Columbus and Ohio. So I knew I wanted to do something lifestyle minded but with a heavy emphasis on all things local. My college guy friends nick named me, ‘Ohio,’ because well in North Carolina I never shut up about Ohio, The Ohio State University, Columbus and the Heart of it All! Because it all has my heart! I love the places, food, people, atmosphere everything it offers and that is what we hope to showcase through Basic Columbus. It has already been a blast as a Mom sharing some of my favorite places with Evelyn and hopefully we can do that with you guys through this outlet.

Hey Guys!! Amber hijacking this post for just a minute. Everything Lindsey said is spot on (particularly the parts about how awesome I am!) But no, really, Lindsey is amazing. As much as she relies on me for stuff, I definitely rely on her! So you know her side of how we met, but to add to it, I was brand new to Columbus. (Like for real, lived here less than a month.) My husband was still living two hours away, while my first daughter, Liaylah and I were here in Columbus with my twin sisters. I was here alone for 6 months with Liaylah and to top it off, I found out I was pregnant less than a month after moving here with our unexpected second! Talk about a culture shock and lifestyle change! Lindsey was an immediate friend. She picked me up for work when my car was dead, she provided the much needed vent session, she was just all around willing to do ANYTHING for me. I love her for it. She says she forced me to be her bestie, but I definitely think it was the other way around. She had to be my stand in husband through the crazy early pregnancy hormones and everything else! Lastly, this blog is an amazing way for us to finally put our skills to use and bond even more! (Seriously, we’ve hung out like 3 days a week for the last month!) She’s the creative genius behind the blog. She has the vision, the ideas, the plan, everything!

Basically we can’t do it without each other!

If you are local and want to collaborate or showcase something on Basic Columbus E-mail us at basiccolumbus@gmail.com
We would LOVE to work with you!

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